Saturday, May 4, 2013

Crippie's Back!


Wow, I've been a terrible blogger recently. Ugh, what can I say... pain, achy-ness and fatigue definitely got the best of me. Anyways, I missed y'all. Figured I'd give y'all an update of what I've been up to for the past two weeks (with pictures of animals to make up for my suckiness)

- It's been a month since Mama Pig's passing. The pigs and the humans are adjusting. Frida definitely misses Mama Pig. I've seen quite the personality shift with her, she's turned into the little asshole she once was, nipping Nellie and Maggie, starting fights, using faces as step-stools, etc. That being said, she is bonding more with Nellie, when she's not biting her butt that is...

See, I'm being nice to Nellie
But I miss my mommy sometimes
- Angel has recently been scratching her ears and face quite a bit (ear infection) it got to a point where we had to put her in a "cone of shame". Whenever I saw her walking around, sleeping, or doing anything with her cone of shame I couldn't help but do my best "Up" impression, shouting "CONE OF SHAMMMMEEE". She's on the mend though, gettin' better every day.

- Helen has spent every last waking moment of the past 2 weeks either sleeping, or barking at minorities on the TV (apparently Helen is a racist, don't know how she managed that one).
I might be cute but...

I'm probably dreaming racist dreams
- As for me, I've been trying to grin and bear whatever discomfort I've been having and am trying my best to be a social creature. I'm definitely getting better at it. I hang out with friends on the weekends sometimes, last weekend I went to a flea market with one of my friends. Got to hold a grenade, that was quite the experience. Said table looked like a scene from "The Walking Dead"... WEAPONS EVERYWHERE! If ever there is a zombie apocalypse... these people will be just fine.
I regret not buying the daggers...
- I've also driven to a few strange new places all by myself. I went to get gas in my car all by myself (which is kinda a big deal cause I hate some of those roads). Not to mention I drove on some roads with scary intersections! And I didn't have a panic attack! YAY ME! Granted I was probably screaming at other drivers more than I usually do, but whatever. I've been using the Google Maps App as a GPS, I rather enjoy it. It doesn't judge me when I miss a turn. Three cheers for progress! 

- My sciatica has been a bitch and a half recently. I've heard that exercise helps that whole problem. But the thing with exercise is that the whole "my body is riddled with tumors" thing makes it kinda painful and extremely challenging. I had to think of something I could do without injuring myself. Fun fact: Crippie is surprisingly good at Hula Hooping. I can walk while using a hula hoop, I can go up and down stairs, plus a few arm tricks. A couple of days ago I remembered that weighted hula hoops exist. I figured I could probably do that without hurting myself so I obtained one. I've been slowly starting to use it every day, just a little to start... but so far I haven't dislocated a hip or anything, so that's a plus. Even if this doesn't help the sciatica, a medication I take has made me gain a couple of pounds (nothing much, just 4 or 5 pounds) so I'll be nice to my hips and legs and try to remove that. I hate to sound like Regina George but...
So that's about it, the weather is starting to level out, and hopefully the exercise will make me feel better. Let's hope I can seriously get back to being a good little blogger.

Crippie's Tippie - If you can hula hoop, you should totally try a weighted one. It's fun AND it's exercise! 

PS - My grandma is on twitter now. Her name is @The_AltaKaka. LET'S GET HER SOME FOLLOWERS!!!

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