The best part of this blog, without question is my piggies... Here a little bit about each of them :D

Breed - Abyssinian 
Age - 5
Nicknames - Mama, The Tinkler
Favorite TV Shows/Movies - Rom Coms with hot guys in them and reality shows
Favorite Food - Food
Hobbies - Sleeping, noshing, relaxing, snuggling with her favorite humans, being pampered with beauty treatments
Fun Fact: She is the mom of Emma, Nellie, and Frida
Mama Pig passed away March 26, 2013 of complications from a URI. She is very much missed.

Breed - Abyssinian/Shorthair Mix
Age - 4
Nicknames - Brown Nose Pig, Butters, Creampuff, Butterball, Frida Lay
Favorite Music - Lady Gaga, esp Poker Face and Bad Romance
Favorite Food - Watermelon
Hobbies - Stepping on her relatives, being the boss, being a diva
Frida passed away July 15th, 2013 from stomach issues. She is very much missed and will never be forgotten.

Full Name - Nellie Kate
Breed - Shorthair 
Age - 5
Nicknames - Bull Nose Pig, Pear Shaped Pig, Nellie Bellie, Nell Nells
Favorite Music - Ravi Shankar 
Favorite Food - Food
Hobbies - Being adorable, gazing vacantly into space

Full Name - Agatha Christy
Breed - Satin Shorthair
Age - 4 
Nicknames - Good Lookin' Pigs, The Lone Wolf, Loud Mouth, Fat Ass Pig
Favorite Music - Weird Al Yankovic 
Favorite Food - Metal (she's never really eaten any, she just loves to nibble on it)
Hobbies - Eating, eating, eating, eating, eating, eating, eating, screaming for attention, eating, eating, eating, eating, eating
Aggie passed away December 5th, 2013 from heart failure. She is deeply missed.

Full Name - Maggie Mae
Breed - Abyssinian
Age - 3
Nicknames - Ferocious Pig, Mags, Jellybean, Token
Favorite Music - Anything with a good drum beat
Favorite TV Show - Anything with Diane Sawyer
Favorite Food - Watermelons and Red Peppers
Hobbies - Taking control, trying to escape, standing up, climbing things

Full Name - Emma Rose
Breed - Abyssinian
Age - 3
Nickname - Fuzzy Wuzzy Pig
Emma passed on January 13th 2012 after a battle with bloat, she is most definitely missed


Full Name - Eleanor Pigby
Breed - Possible Shorthair/Cuy Mix

Age - Under a year

Nicknames - Sharp Eyed Pig, Demon Nugget, Norie, Fatso
Favorite TV Show - The Colbert Report
Role Model - Dexter Morgan
Hobbies - Quietly planning world domination, eating


Full Name - Prudence
Breed - Shorthair
Age - Under a year
Nicknames - Light Skinned Pig, Pru, Stoner Pig, Chill Ass Pig, The Lounger
Role Model - Spircoli
Hobbies - Relaxing in her trademark "LOOK AT MY FEETSIES!" pose, trying to find ways other than doors to exits pigloos
Fun Fact - The other pigs play "Steal food from Prudence's mouth and see how long it will take her to notice that we have stolen her food" she has yet to notice


Full Name - Lucy
Breed - Shorthair
Age - Under a year
Nicknames - Junior Pig, Lulu, Lu, Lucy-fer, Evil Demon Bastard Pig, Omelette, Nugget of Evil
Role Model - Nellie
Hobbies - Being Nellie's minion, biting butts, dragging pigs away from dishes, begging for chin scritches, swimming
Favorite Music - Bluegrass 

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