Monday, February 13, 2012



Soooo... yeah... about that title....

Crippie had a rather uneventful day today. Work, pigs, puppies, the usual. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary today. I turned on my laptop and my heated blanket, just as I do every night. I was looking at stupid pictures of cats when all of the sudden I heard a *fizzle* sound. I figured it was a pop-up ad and continued on with my cat pictures. 5 minutes later I hear another *fizzzzzlee craaaaacck*. This time I'm slightly puzzled, but I really don't think much of it cause that's just how I roll. Over the next few minutes I hear more fizzles and craps and finally I realized... HOLY CRAP IT'S MY BLANKET! Crippie swiftly unplugged the blanket and investigated further and sure enough my damn blanket smelled like burning. Thankfully Crippie realized what was going on before any actual fires took place. Believe it or not this is not the only time one of Crippie's processions almost caught fire. My Furby almost blew up when I was 10 and my computer charger had a "mini-fire" a few years back. WHY DO MY THINGS KEEP CATCHING ON FIRE!?!?!

Oh well, it seems that Crippie is now without a heated blanket. Can any of my readers recommend one? Preferably one that won't catch fire.

Crippie's Tippie - Pay attention when you start hearing random fizzles and cracks out of nowhere


  1. Holy catfish - that was a close call. Good thing you caught it before an actual fire broke out. I don't have any of those heated blankets for fear of that reason, but my daughter has one and loves hers. I assume you didn't have the ends tucked in anywhere - that's never good to tuck in wires - just leave the blanket hang over the edge of the bed or chair.

  2. Hey Nicole!! It's Fred and Cindy the good friends of Mark and Ronni...Good site!!!

  3. Hey, Fred and Cindy! You have good taste.I love this site, too
    (maybe because I'm the Grandma!).
    Love to Nicole and all of her followers.

  4. Hey Crippie, you okay? We haven't seen a post in awhile.


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