Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crippie Wins The Immunity Challenge!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day Y'all!

I reaaallllllyyyyyy hope all my readers had an awesome Valentine's Day. Crippie spent her day working, eating candy, playing with pigs and puppies, eating candy, hanging out with relatives, and eating candy. If you were wondering Crippie doesn't have a "valentine" per say, but I enjoy the holiday regardless because it's an excuse to eat massive amounts of candy.
Apart from holiday cheer going around there also appears to be a nasty stomach virus spreading around here as well. Pretty much everyone in my house has gotten sick... EXCEPT FOR CRIPPIE! It's weird, even though I am in general a very sickly person my immune system is oddly strong (get the title now?). I rarely have allergies and I might get the sniffles once or twice a year... that's about it. I have absolutely no freakin' idea what I'm doing right besides drinking insane amounts of vitamin C rich beverages whenever someone near me gets sick. *Shrugs* Crippie usually jokingly explains it as "proof that God doesn't totally hate me". Watch, I'm gonna get sick as soon as I press the publish button.

In unrelated guinea pig news, my trio beyond happy with all of their admirers on here. They brag about it all day. The problem is that my duo overheard them and now they want their shot at in the spotlight. I figured I'd give each of them a special day to have all the attention on them. The Piggie de jour is my youngest pig, Maggie Mae. Maggie is a brown Abyssinian Guinea pig and she turned 2 years old a few weeks ago. Her hobbies include trying to escape, listening to Diane Sawyer, being the boss, and standing.

Maggie when she was a baby... she made it on DailySquee!
Maggie is a big girl now
She was trying to eat my button -_-

Ohai, just standin' here... showing off my blonde tummy

Crippie's Tippie - Try not to get sick peoples, consume lots of vitamin c and use hand sanitizer... also if you need to cough, cough into your damn sleeve


  1. These guinea pigs are the frickin' most stupid cute things I've seen in a long time. Our office has a Russian dwarf hamster with an obscene name... you're invited to make friends with her.

  2. OMG - I am in love with Maggie. That's my one of my favorite colors. I never realized piggies came in all those exotic colors also. On a sad note, my daughter's 1 gerbil crossed the bridge on Sunday, and now the other one isn't well either. They were two around Christmas - the average age for gerbils. I felt so sad because those little fellows really grow on a person. Smooches for Maggie from me and nose taps from Mario.

  3. Maggie is stunningly beautiful. Looks like she's a roan shade. Big eyes.
    Give this pretty girl a few pieces of lettuce for me'''
    Ossie's Mom


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