Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crippie Tries To Go To Sleep


Hope y'all had a lovely Tuesday. Apart from slowly coughing my lungs out my day went pretty well. I was kinda surprised by how not sucky today was considering it took me well over 5 hours to go to sleep last night.
It's weird, you think it would be easy for a person with chronic fatigue to fall asleep... but alas that does not appear to be the case with me. It's pretty easy for me to take a nap, I fall asleep within 20 minutes and I'm not in too much pain. BUT as soon as Crippie tries to go to sleep for the night either her hip, shoulder, or something random decides to hurt her. Sure, pain meds help to a degree, but I'm usually in some form of discomfort when I go to sleep. I've had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember. The only time I don't have trouble sleeping is when I'm recovering from anesthesia (only good part about surgery... drugs and anesthesia make it super easy to sleep).
Recently, after growing ever frustrated with my sleep issues I thought of a novel idea... "Hey Crippie, if you can nap without issue, why don't you treat bedtime like naptime?". So Crippie tried to sleep propped up at a weird angle on her bed watching some random tv channel. Go figure I fell asleep faster than I usually do. I've been trying this for the past several nights and it's been working, with an exception for last night but I was up because I wasn't feeling well... so it doesn't count ;) What about you guys? What do you do to treat insomnia? I would try something like Ambien, but some of my relatives have had some crazzzzyyy side effects from that one (let's just say they involve show tunes).

Crippie's Tippie - Sometimes the best solutions are the weirdest


  1. Not being able to sleep is the worst - absolute worst. Have you tried taking Tylenol PM? I use Ambien only in absolute rare cases. In fact, I have used it in the past two years because I'm afraid of mixing it with my Parkinson's Drugs. My problem is that I wake up somewhere from 4:30 TO 6:00 and am wide awake, so stay up. Then by early afternoon,I need a cat nap. I sympathize you friend - not getting sleep is miserable - especially when you are hurting somewhere too.

  2. I've become a raving insomniac. For a while a memoryfoam bed topper helped, but it was like my body got bored with being comfortable. The only place I can really sleep soundly is the couch, the MOST UNcomfortable place in the whole house!
    So I agree with sometimes the best solutions are the weirdest!

  3. Well, your posts finally showed up on my blog. Sounds like you are doin a good job of "trickin" yourself to sleep. Our Mommy watches stoopid stuff on tv, like old sitcoms. Puts her out efurry time. Good luck.


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