Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Cripple Goodness

Happy Monday Everyone!

Crippie hopes all of her readers had a decent Monday, this oddly lovely NY weather certainly helped make my Monday rather pleasant. I was pretty busy today and I can't exactly think of a cohesive blog topic, so here is some random bits and bobbles of cripple stuff.

DANCING CRIPPLE... so amazing. I wish I had rhythm.

HERE is an awesome article about being a parent to a special needs child. Even though I'm not a parent I totally relate to it and agree with everything the author says. 

Temporarily Crippled Sloth... AAAAWWWWWWEEEEE - Here's a fabulous campaign to end derogatory uses of the r-word. Take the pledge people!

And the piggies wanted to share with you their new favorite blog,
I actually just won some guinea pig shaped soap from there :D

Yup, so there ya have it peoples, some awesome cripple links! 

Quick Heat Pack Update - I've been regularly using the heat pack and the pain in my hip has definitely decreased. It still hurts from time to time, but it's a 2 instead of 5. FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!

Crippie's Tippie - YouTube is dangerous place. I was writing this post, went to find the URL for the sloth video... and spent the next 20 minutes looking at videos of baby sloths and monkeys.


  1. Good links friend. I know what you mean in U=Tube being a dangerous place.

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to our blog! Did the soap arrive in good condition?

    1. The soap arrived in perfect condition, thanks again!


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