Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Awe, Temporarily Crippled Puppy

Ohai Everyone!

Crippie hopes all of her readers are having a lovely week this far. The weather is still kinda kicking my ass, but at least my allergy meds are keeping the whole "not being to breathe" thing at bay. Apart from the weather there isn't much new and or excited to report about... oh wait, Crippie forgot to mention that her dog is now the biggest cripple in the house.
On Sunday night our not blind dog Angel was perfectly fine. When we awoke Monday morning Angel was not using one of her front paws! She was hobbling around the house and wouldn't let us touch her paw, so clearly something was wrong. We took her to the vet and the vet figured that the probably sprained or twisted her lil' footie sometime during the night. She was given pain medicine and she'll be fine with a few days rest. Lucky for us Angel enjoys resting so that won't be a problem. Unlucky for us, Angel can't go up and down stairs for now so someone has to carry her. No big deal right? Lol, wrong. Angel was more than likely abused by prior owners and does not like being picked up... at all... ever... under any circumstances. To solve this fun little problem, my sister has to wear really thick gloves and a really thick jacket in order to pick Angel up (once she has her Angel tends to settle down, it's the whole picking up process that is tricky). Any tips for picking the dog up readers?
Since Angel's pain meds are keeping her comfortable and she'll be all better in a few days, I have absolutely no guilt in saying what I'm about to say. Crippie is getting a kick out of having a dog that limps around like she does. Her tails wags when I say "WHO'S MY LITTLE CRIPPLE... YOU ARE!!!" I also find it amusing how she has mastered the "My paw hurt... I deserve treats" look. She will limp towards you and stare at you while dangling her paw. Angel's alway's been smart that way, I guess she takes after her auntie ;)

My life is so hard, woe is me. Bacon would make it better though, yeaaaaaah, bacon
Crippie's Tippie - Injured doggies deserve more treats ;)

Angel's Tippie - Why just injured dogs? I deserve more treats anyway!


  1. I'm not sure how your sister picks Angel up, but I find it's less stressful for the dog if we sit next to them (especially since Angel is a small dog) then putting our hand around the body so that our palm support their chest then lift, with their body close to our side. Much like how a rugby player would hold the ball?

  2. Awww poor puppy. M says they have only had one doggie, and that doggie didn't mind being picked up and carried., Whisppy seems to have a good idea who - M says she remembers picking Fritz up around the underside, supporting the area just behind the front paws and the other hand just ahead of the back paws. I do hope something works for your sisfur.


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