Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sup Dawg?


Thank you all so much for the ninja vibes and advice with Angel, we really appreciate it. Angel is pretty much all better now. She's not putting full weight on that paw yet, but she's putting some on it. Fortunately she can walk enough so we don't have to pick her up.
It's funny, Angel absolutely hates being picked up for any reason, and Helen absolutely loves being held. Sadly, Angel tends to get a bad reputation for her whole "not being affectionate" thing, and that really irks Crippie. Angel is very loving, caring, and highly intelligent... but people can't look past the fact that she will nip at you if you try to pick her up. I dunno, maybe it's the whole "I'm crippled and thus am used to things not being perfect" thing but I'm not angry at Angel for this. Angel was abused, I don't even want to know what people have done to her. If she doesn't want people touching her and or getting too close to her I understand that and I respect her wishes. Crippie cannot stand when people call her a "bad dog" or heaven forbid suggest putting her down (seriously people, WTF). Does she have some issues, sure... but overall she is a very good girl. To me that's like saying "Oh, you're a cripple... you're a horrible person". Angel is like any other member of our family... either physically or mentally disabled!
Well, I guess this post turned out to be a CrippleRant/vent. So in conclusion Angel is a very good and misunderstood puppy. And now... PICTURES!

I enjoy watching day time TV
I'm resting my paw... and my entire body

How could anyone hate this face? 

Crippie's Tippie - If you're getting a pet, get them from a rescue. These guys deserve a good home.


  1. Angel! What beautiful pictures. Yep, the vicious puppy is now sound asleep on my bed, a total smush. You are so wise, my beautiful daughter; perfection does not exist in this world, and we all have our issues. However, this dog loves her family, loves her home, and we love her sooooo much! Her bad behaviors are based on fear, not anger. We continue to learn, but with love she has come so far. She is a true member of our family. We need to accept and love each other (humans and furbabies alike), despite the "flaws". Love you, Crippie!

  2. Oh what a beauty Angel is. Poor baby. I can't stand people that abuse animals because they are so trusting of humans and so vulnerable. A friend once said to me - you can always judge a human's character by how they treat animals. She is/was so right. Crippie's mom - you can be so proud of Crippie - she is so wise - well beyond her years.


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