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A couple of weeks ago Crippie was contacted by the wonderful people at They asked me if I could design a shirt and then write a review about the whole process. Btw, if anyone thinks Crippie is selling out with this... I've donated blood just to get a free t-shirt.

Before I begin my review let it be known that I am a graphic designer with experience in screen printing. I also have experience with setting up cafepress shops and designing shirts with other companies. Also, my mother and grandmother used to work in the garment industry (my mom used to do color separations and my grandmother was an art director). So Crippie knows what she is talking about here ;)

The Process- First I went to their website and picked out a t-shirt and color. They had a whole lotta options as far shirt selections go. I opted for the "Canvas Unisex Tee" because it had some shnazzy colors and the fit was on the longer side. Then I designed my shirt. I used Adobe Illustrator to make my design and I uploaded EPS files.

Next I put the designs on my selected shirt. This whole process was super easy and I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy about how big my design could be. When I did projects like this before the space was so limiting and my designs would look tiny and crappy. The colors of the design on the screen were not true to color. This is probably my computer screen's fault. I added the pantone colors of my design in a special note section just to be on the safe side. 
I love how they "idiot proofed" the whole designing process. Ooshirts has services to make sure your colors are correct, that your background is transparent (if you want it to be), if you want your shirt to have a "vintage" effect, etc. I found the overall design process very pleasant and super simple.

Pricing - prides itself on being an affordable option for custom shirts. I did some price quotes for other sites, and Ooshirts actually was a cheaper option. Not a whooollleeee lot cheaper than some other places, but cheaper nonetheless.

Ordering - Placing the order was, again, super simple. My order was checked over by their designers, who gave it the OK to print. Within a few days I had my shnazzy new shirts! 

The end results - Once my shirts arrived I was very pleased. The shirt is self is very soft and snuggly. The colors of the ink look pretty close to the colors on the design I submitted. I showed the shirt to my mother and grandmother who found no real flaws in the screening process. The shirt has also survived several washes in the laundry with no cracks or fading! The one downside I found was that the color of the shirt is waaayyy different than the color on the website. 

Do you want to win a "Holy Crip it's a Crapple" T-Shirt?
Here's the rules for entering the contest!
-Enter the contest by posting a comment below with your email address so I can contact you
- 1 bonus entry for people who post a question for Crippie with their comment
- The lucky winner will be chosen at random via random number generator
-The winner will be picked on Friday, December 16th
- Crippie's relatives may NOT enter this contest. Want a shirt guys? You're gonna have to wait for Hanukkah
(For reference, the shirt is a large, but hey a free shirt is a free shirt)

Crippie's Tippie- ENTER MY CONTEST!!! And is pretty damn awesome, thanks guys! 


  1. You are amazing at what you do.

    My question has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Have you ever gotten mean/rude comments on your blog? And if so, how do you deal with that?

  2. The shirt looks fabulous! Are you sure Grandmas can't enter the contest? :)

  3. iight. So ive secretly reading your blog fellow cripple. (shhhh! dont tell anyone) Anywho, I saw the shirt and was like "OMG I wants that!" So I decided the step out the shadows of the internet and enter.

    I think you already have it (or your mom does) but here's my email. or my new one at least. or

    And a question: are you interested in maybe a guest blogger? I dont have time for a blog of my own, but maybe one post from a different
    MHE-er might be interesting.(a it would give you a small break) Since everyone's MHE is different.

  4. Love the shirt!! Wish I coulda just taken it home with me when I was visiting ;)

    Here's a question for ya:
    Besides when you were diagnosed with MHE (and the surgeries that resulted from having MHE), what would be one of your biggest pivotal moments in life (or life-changing so-to-speak)?


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