Friday, December 23, 2011

Pick A Damn Spelling


Thanks for all the well wishes, the weather has stabilized and my pain levels have returned to their normal 3.5.
Tonight was the 4th night of Hanukkah. Everyone here is having a jolly ol' time, even the pets. We got treats for Angel, a few outfits for Helen (she's blind so she can't see how ridiculous she looks), and treats for the piggies. It's really hard trying to pick out pressies for the piggies, because you can never really tell what they'll like. We got them little sticks of hay for them to nosh on. 5 out of the 6 piggies loved them, Frida on the hand is deathly afraid of the little stick of hay and will not go anywhere near them *sigh* oh well. Speaking of Frida, she was snuggling with me earlier, listening to her favorite musician "Lady Gaga" and I snapped some freakin' adorable shots. I figured I'd share them with y'all since I'm such the proud mama.

Ain't she just the cutest damn thing ever... even if she's afraid of sticks. Moving on to today's Jew-ey Goodness. One question I hear a LOT is "How do you spell Hanukkah?". There are several acceptable spellings and variations and it took me yeeeeaaaaaaarrrrrrrsssssssssssssssss to finally memorize a damn spelling. I use H-A-N-U-K-K-A-H  because it starts and ends with an H, has 1 N, and 2 K's. I dunno, it just seems easier to remember that way.

Jew-ey's Tippie- Even if you put a C in front of the H, the 1 N/2 K rule still applies. 


  1. Happy Hanukkah! Even with your creative tips, I'll still never remember. he he - love your little Piggie. He/she is so very cute. So happy to hear you are feeling better.

  2. Frida may be adorable, but every night when I go to feed the piggies, Frida is sitting on Momma's head. That's no way to treat your mother!!


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