Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Working With A Disability- Day 90


How are all my lovely readers today? I was a little achy today with all the weather changes. My tattoo is healing very nicely. It's getting less sore as time progresses. I can now touch it without it hurting too badly.
Now, as the title of today's post suggests I have officially been employed for 90 days (at least according to  the people that try to get cripples hired). I get to start discussing benefits soon, OBOI. I do wonder if my disability will come in to play that, reckon I'll found out soon enough. So far my job experience has been pretty good. I think I'm doing a good job and as far as I am aware I haven't made any mortal enemies! No one has asked why I walk I with a cane, me thinks they just assume Crippie was in a bad car wreck. It doesn't seem like a big elephant in the room or anything, me thinks no one really cares why I am a cripple, I just am.
On to a more important anniversary. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of when we adopted two of our guinea pigs, Emma and Nellie. They started out as scared little baby piggies, now they are very content, well fed piggies.


All of the pigs celebrated with oodles of hay and blueberries, followed by some pretty adorable food comas. It's hard to believe that we've had them for three years. *Sniff sniff* They grow up so fast. 

Crippie's Tippie- Check your weekly forecast so you can prepare yourself for weather changes.


  1. Awww they are so cute. I'm an animal lover and fell in love with rodents when our daughter adopted 2 gerbils about 2 years ago. They are adorable, as your guys are.

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