Monday, December 19, 2011

Put On Your Yarmulke...


I hope all of my wonderful readers had a wonderful weekend and Monday. I worked on Saturday and did some last minute Hanukkah shopping. On Sunday I went to a family holiday party and had a lovely time, I had a lot of noms and I met a turtle. So I would say my weekend was rather fun.
It was a refreshing change because mid-Decembers have really sucked for my family for past few years. My maternal Grandfather died on December 18th 2007 and my paternal Grandfather died on December 19th 2009, RIP Grumpy & PopPop, love ya lots. Yeah, and this year we're coping with our Aunt's recent passing. Death sucks. It's hard to deal with but I have a feeling that they are watching over us. Spending time with the family definitely helps ease the sadness.
Moving on to happier topics... IT'S ALMOST HANUKKAH!!! I love when Hanukkah falls around this time of year, it starts before and ends after Christmas :D. I figured since it's the Holiday season I'd answer "Jew-ie" questions for the next few days. So if anyone has any question for me, bring 'em on. I'll ease in to this whole "Jew" topic with a Crippie/Jew-ie crossover question... "Which do you find more offensive, Cripple jokes or Jew jokes?"

Honestly it all depends on the joke, I find lighthearted cripple and jew jokes heilarious. Anne Frankly, as long as the joke isn't terribly mean spirited I don't care. There is a line though, once you start implying that disabled people are lesser individuals or unwanted I take offense. As for Jew jokes I can take the "cheap" jokes pretty well (mainly cause I am really freakin' cheap) same with any other stereotype based joke. Holocaust jokes are another story though. Clearly I have no problem with lame puns, Nazi, and Hitler jokes but a line is crossed when you start making jokes about the Jews or the camps. Those camps represent the absolute worst of man, there's really nothing humorous about them. So I guess I would say I find really bad Jew jokes more offensive than really bad Cripple jokes.

Jew-ie's Tippie - Unless you pretty damn sure that no one in your general area won't be offended... keep the jokes to yourself or to the internet. Chances are your joke will be considered funny on the internet. 

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