Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pivotal Crippie Moments



Alrighty, recently I was asked "Besides when you were diagnosed with MHE (and the surgeries that resulted from having MHE), what would be one of your biggest pivotal moments in life (or life-changing so-to-speak)?" 

While I've posted about things that changed my life a while ago, I saw this as a challenge to think of a pivotal moment in my life not related to having a disability. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED *Starts limping/pacing back and forth*. 

Hmm... it seems that most of my pivotal moments involve having a disability in someway or another. *Continues pacing/limping*

20 MINUTES LATER (I'm not kidding) EUREKA! The biggest non-cripple related life changing moment (or moments) was when I was around 2 years old. My mom needed a way to keep my occupied during laundry time so she put paper on the walls and let me color away. First off, no I didn't color on walls without paper, I was a good noodle. Secondly, it taught me that art is freakin' awesome! Early love of art continued to grow and eventually led to my chosen profession! w00t! CHALLENGE COMPLETED!!!

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  1. I can't believe you remembered that as something special in your life! I kept those drawings there on the laundry room walls for years; I was always so proud of my little artist. That's never stopped! I am so proud of you in every way! Love you!!!


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