Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crippie Submits To A Random Drug Test!


Crippie certainly had an eventful day today. I had my pain management appointment in the morning. It went better than expected. My doctor opted to not change the dosage of my medicine, but the amount of pills I have. That way if I need more I can use it. I'm very relieved that I didn't need a full out dosage increase. The doctor also recommended that I take extra strength acetaminophen during the day as needed. Also, as the title suggests I had to submit to a random drug test, just to make sure that Crippie isn't a druggie. Funny story about that, the drug test involves peeing in a cup. The nurse gave me a cup with a very secure lid on it and showed me to the bathroom. I go into the bathroom, try to open the cup, and gosh darn it I cannot get the damn cup open (arthritis + stupid cup = lethal combo). So Crippie had to go back to the nurse and ask her to open the pee cup, that wasn't humiliating at alllllll. Once the drug test was completed we continued on to do other errands.
My mom and I went to get some supplies for the pets at a local petco, and while I really do not advise buying any animals from there I couldn't help but snap a few shots of some the little critters they had.

Speaking of cute animals, Frida is in the running to be featured on a site about cute animals. Vote for her HERE

Anyway, after we finished running errands I collapsed on the couch for the next few hours. I'd call today a success. I took the extra dose of medicine tonight, let's hope it works.

Crippie's Tippie- If you know that you have issues opening jars, ask the nurse to open your pee cup BEFORE you go into the bathroom. 


  1. I'm giggling and sympathizing with you all in one. I have problems opening those too. Different reasons tho. Very frustrating. I take it you have Arthritis. My heart goes out to you. My daughter was diagnosed with it when she was about 22. I'm going to direct her to your blog as i'm sure you have a lot in common.

  2. My daughter and I sat for an hour reading your blog together and laughing till we cried. Now I don't feel so bad about needing help with lids (and doorknobs)! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Crippie and I have a little support system going. When we see really cute guinea pigs or rats or other little pets that are beyond adorable, we say "step away from the cage. Six guinea pigs and two dog are enough. Step away from the cage." And we do, though with longing and regret... Crippie has many talents, including Guinea Pig Whisperer... She understands them, and they seem to understand her.... C'mon Crippie! Rats next????

  4. I have to have drug testing every 2 months at my pain doc's office. Now they have a special "pee hat" that goes on the commode rim and it's a disposable plastic bed pan. Saves the ladies from usual messy going in a cup scenario. It's something I have to do so I can get the necessary medication to help give me a better quality of life.

    I love to see pics of your guinea pigs. I had 4 growing up and they always greeted me with loud piggy noises when they knew it was time to eat.I had to monitor more than few piggy fights.

  5. I flunked my last dope test, musta been the crack I used the night before.


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