Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crippie Reviews Les Mis!

Happy Holidays Y'all!

I hope everyone has been having an awesome Christmas week. I spent Christmas Day in the manner that any Jew would... at the movies. I saw Les Miserables with my family. Figured I might as well give a review for you guys.

First off... I've seen the show on Broadway, and my family is mainly comprised of theatre nerds. Now on to the review!

Holy crap this movie was long. 2 hours and 40 minutes to be exact... but it was a long ass show too, so it kinda comes with the territory. That being said I LOVED the movie. It stayed pretty damn true to show, which I approve of. I think the story transitioned to the screen relatively well... it was a little confusing at times... but then again so was the show. Most of the acting was incredible. Hugh Jackman was a convincing Jean Valjean, even though he couldn't hit all of the notes in "Bring Him Home" it was still passable. Amanda Seyfried and Samantha Barks played the parts Cosette and Eponine well... even though there really was never a whole lot to their characters. Oh well, Eponine didn't screw up "On My Own" so that's all that really matters. Eddie Redmayne was rather adorable as Marius, and he freaking nailed "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" (one of my favorite songs from the show). Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter played the Thenardier's in a delightful fashion. When I saw the show I thought those characters were really stupid and very forced comic relief. "Master of the House" was a surprisingly entertaining number in the movie, one I didn't particularly care for in the show. Of course Anne Hathaway was fan-freaking-tastic as Fantine. She added so much depth and realism to the part, it's amazing. When I saw the show I wasn't all that impressed with Fantine's character. I was like "ok, she's a prostitute... and now she's sad". Her performance was definitely a highlight. Also, the kids who played young Cosette and Gavroche were surprisingly good. Child actors can be hit and miss, but these guys sang and acted very well. Also, all of the student revolutionaries were adorable and I want to cuddle them all.

As far as acting goes, as awesome as everyone else was... RUSSELL CROWE SUCKED SO FREAKING MUCH! His voice was just not suited for Javert. Not at all. Most of his songs were terrible. Also, it appears that he cannot act and sing at the same time. Which is a problem. On the bright side, he didn't completely mess up "Confrontation" (my favorite song from the show). Hey Russell, take a cue from and NPH and put a little feeling into the role.

One of the great things about the movie versa the show is that in the movie the actors were allowed to make the songs more "realistic" and less "pretty". Definitely brought more emotion into the story as a whole (EXCEPT FOR RUSSELL CROWE DAMN IT). The thing was visually stunning also. Lots of interesting shots and camera angles. Not to mention the pretty typography whenever they had a time change.

Overall, if you enjoy musical theatre and Les Mis in general... GO SEE IT! TOTALLY WORTH IT! If thought the movie was about the French Revolution and some whores, well... then you might wanna skip it. My dad saw it was us and he HATED IT... SO MUCH. He had no idea what was going on, or what the point of it was. He may forgive us eventually for making him go ;)

In the meantime I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week. I'll be spending tomorrow in a car, going on a road trip to see some family and a few cripples! I should be able to post while I'm away.

Crippie's Tippie - If you don't like musicals... don't see Les Mis... YOU WILL HATE IT

Friday, December 21, 2012

Apocalypse Now... Or Later... Or Whatever

We did it everyone! We survived the end of world!!! TAKE THAT MAYANS!

Also, holy crap I suck at posting regularly 0.0... woooooooooooooooow. I swear that I'll be back to posting regularly in 2013. And I'll definitely be able to keep this promise because now we all know that 2013 will happen.

I don't know about you guys, but I had a blast today. I just love the absurdity of days like today, and they get even better when you throw in the possibility of raining fire. So what did I do to celebrate the end of days? Apart from working, I celebrated in my own little ways. I tried to rapture-bomb my family, but that backfired in my face as they thought I was just being a slob and leaving clothes out. Oh well. Last night I did some nail art involving people burning in hell... that went over really well. Seriously, people got a kick outta my damnation manicure. I also wore my The Walking Dead shirt to work (again). Hey, I figured if it was going to become a reality I might as well look the part

Yup, that's how Crippie spent her apocalypse. What about you guys? Do anything fun? Tomorrow some of my coworkers and I are gonna have I little "trolololololololol we survived" party. And by that I mean we'll consume lots of cookies while we work on stuff.

Before I leave y'all tonight, I wanna show you guys a song about a different apocalyptic threat from a few years back. Once you've survived one apocalypse you've survived 'em all... ya know? 

Crippie's Tippie - When people are freaking out about the end of the world... just grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show

Monday, December 17, 2012

No Pain, No Cane


I hope all my Jewish readers had a super fun last night of Hanukkah on Saturday. My last night of Hanukkah was rather enjoyable. I got rest, eat lots of food, hang out with the family, and I actually finished reading the first Walking Dead compendium (8 books right there). First book I've read and finished in a good few years... and I finished it in less than a week. YAY ME!

I figured since tomorrow marks the 3 month anniversary of Fanny's removal I'd give y'all an update of how my health is goin'.

Since having Fanny removed my leg feels sooooooo much better. Not only that, I now find it easier to move that leg in general. I still have a limp and my gait is kinda off but my leg doesn't drag anywhere near as bad as it used to. It's been such a vast improvement that I no longer walk with a cane! Granted, I keep it in my trunk in the event of an emergency, but I've been doing really well without it. I've even gone on some long-ish schleps without it, I get a little more tired but I think it's worth it.

My new scar is kinda a bitch sometimes. There are moments when it just stings like a mofo. I'm trying to put lotion on the area to help the skin stretch. It seems to be helping a little. The scar itself is healing pretty well. It's raised off the skin a millimeters, but it's thin so it doesn't look that bad. The scar is currently a fabulous shade of purple, it'll probably lighten over the next few month... but for now it really is a nifty shade of purple.

*Knocks on wood* While I still have my usual frequent aches and pains no new problems have brought to my attention, which is nice. It's nice to have a "normal-ish" existence for little while.

A few days ago I started taking a new medication for an unrelated hormonal imbalance. Luckily I haven't had too many side effects from that yet. Apparently it makes you sick to your stomach at first. There was one night where I wasn't feeling too hot, but otherwise I've been good. Also, I have not been a hormonal wreck, which is nice for everyone else around me ;)

And even though this isn't exactly news, I've got a funny health story from today. So, I was at work and the heat was out due to some electrical issues. One of my co-workers brought in a little space heater to keep us warm. While I was working a co-worker with whom I share a desk with asked if she could turn the space heater off, as it was getting reaaaaalllllyyyyy hot. My reaction? I didn't even know that the space heater was under my desk, right by my legs. Thanks to nerve damage from several surgeries I have issues sensing temperature below my knees. I literally did not feel anything. Not even a breeze! Yup, I'm special. I usually forget about the whole temperature thing, unless I'm stepping into a pool or hot tub or something. It seems like a pleasant temperature then as soon as my knees touch the water I'm like "HOLY CRAP".

So yeah, that's about it. Do any of your disabilities cause any irregularities that amuse your co-workers? Cause mine are pretty impressed with me legs right now :D

Crippie's Tippie - If you're like me and have problems feeling temperatures, be careful. Just because something doesn't feel hot or cold to you that doesn't mean you get a burn and or frostbite. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Never Again

Hi Guys

I praying that all of you and your families are safe and sound tonight, and if you are not my heart goes out to you and to all the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting <3

As most of you know, today sucked beyond all reason. 27 people, 20 innocent children aged 10 and under are gone. I was sitting at work and I happened to look at the news around 10-ish or so. The headline read something along the lines of "Shots fired in elementary school, gunman dead, several injured". My first reaction was "grreeeeeaaaattt... yet ANOTHER dumbass tried to kill himself and take several others with him, at least he didn't kill anyone". Over the next hour and a half or so the story changed. First it was two dead, then three, then "students among the wounded", eventually the headline of "reports that 18 students were killed" started popping up. I just sat at my desk with my hand over my mouth. I kept thinking "it's just a report... nothing is confirmed... nothing is confirmed... they have to be wrong". At this point the anxiety started to set in. I was thinking "This person got the idea to shoot up the school because someone just shot up a mall, what if someone decides to barge into my office and shoot people? Which desk should I hide under? Could I even get under a desk in time?" Naturally today there were a bunch of strangers in my office for various reasons, and every time someone would look into our door I'd think "Oh my God he's gonna kill us". The fear and panic died down after a few hours, but the sadness didn't, especially when the news confirmed that 20 children did not survive. At this point all I can do is wonder why did this happen?

I know we all have our theories and opinions about gun control and how more or less of it could have prevented this disaster, but I think the problem lies somewhere else. Why did this happen? The same reason why the recent mall shooting, the Aurora movie theatre shooting, Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Nickel Mines shootings, etc. happened. Because the shooters were out of their damn minds. How many of them were receiving proper mental health care? None. These people were seriously ill. They would requires countless sessions with some really freaking awesome therapists, God only knows how many expensive medications, and more than likely many stays in psychiatric hospitals. That's what they need, but that is rarely what they get. If you don't have insurance this would cost and INSANE amount of money, and if you are lucky and have insurance it will still cost an INSANE amount of money. If you can't afford to be properly treated, you won't be. This situation creates people like today's asshole. As soon as he was identified people said he was "not right" or "mentally ill". This kid should have been in a psych ward today, not an elementary school.

As Bob Dylan once said "how many deaths will it take till we know that too many people have died?" How many shootings do we have to endure before we fix this problem? When will we recognize that mental health is a very serious issue? When will we realize that everyone needs proper access to the medical care, that it doesn't only effect that one sick person, that they can take dozens down with them? Please, we cannot let this happen again. We cannot let these children die in vain... we just can't.

Crippie's Tippie - If you know anyone that you believe could pose a threat to themselves or others, please do not turn a blind eye towards them. Get them help, immediately. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

One of "Those" People

Happy 6th night of Hanukkah y'all!

I hope everyone is continuing to enjoy this holiday season. I've been kinda lazy about the whole holiday thing this year. I get home from work, I eat dinner, and then I pass out. Not much room for lighting Hanukkah candles. I should be conscious enough to light 'em tomorrow... hopefully.

Now on to tonight's question, it's not really a jew-ey question but a LOT of people ask it. "Are you one of those people who buys presents for your guinea pigs?" The answer... HELL YEAH I AM. I actually bought the animals pressies before obtaining gifts for my human family members. What did the pigs get this year? Mainly things that they needed. Mama Pig got vitamins (which she LOVES), Aggie got a mirror so she can kinda be social (she doesn't care about the mirror), and the rest got some shnazzy beds. It looks like a dog bed for a really tiny dog (a chihuahua could probably sleep in one comfortably). Nellie, Mama, and Maggie adore their new bed and they have having issues sharing it. Someone *coughNELLIEcough* has realized that if you burrow underneath the bed you will knock out whoever is currently in it. Maybe they'll learn to share one say... *sigh* As for the puppies, Angel and Helen got a special bag of treats that they enjoy immensely.

Nellie says "Dis is mai bed. I has a comfy. If Mama of Maggie tries to get mai bed I will keeel them" 
Angel says "I eated my pressie, now I sad cuz I has no more pressies"

In cripple news, I'm beginning the whole fighting for my disability claim thing. They said they didn't have enough information... which is complete bull crap. I got everything I needed from work and now I'm getting everything needed on the medical side. Let's hope no mistakes are made this time.

Jew-ey's Tippie - If you're gonna obtain a present for you pet... but super practical about what you get 'em. Only things they need or without question will love very much. Otherwise you look like a crazy person. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hanukkah Starts WHEN?!?!?!

Happy Hanukkah Y'all!

I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday season thus far. So far mine's been pretty good. Yesterday I went to see my sister's holiday choral concert and then we all went out for my birthday dinner. Steak is awesome. It was a fun time had by all.

Now, on to a "Jew-ey" question. People often ask me "So, why does Hanukkah start on a different day every year?" This year it started on the 8th of December, next year starts on the 27th of November (too early for my liking, but whatever). Why does it start on a different day each year? Here's the thing, Hanukkah always starts on the 25th... of Kislev (Hebrew Calendar). Yup, the date changes based on the Hebrew Calendar. It always falls sometime between late November and late December.

Related question... "Do you remember or memorize when Hanukkah is gonna start each year?" Personally, NOPE. I google it in November ;) I might remember next year's simply because it is so damn early. Late November Hanukkahs are on the rare side too so it's kinda special.

Another related question... "What happens when Hanukkah falls on your birthday?" This happens fairly often, we just celebrate both as usual. We still light the menorah, we still have copious amounts of birthday cake, the only difference is that I might get more pressies on that day ;)

Soooooo, in non-jew-ey cripple news, I got a letter today informing me that I was rejected for my disability claim I made when I had Fanny removed. Yup, it's about 3 months later and I'm just finding this out. This could be a "we're just testing you" rejection, and I have every intention of fighting it. Any tips on dealing with these fun little situations readers?

Jew-ey's Tippie - Holiday decorations aren't exclusive to Christmas, add some nice gold lights and some blue and gold garland and you've got yourself a shnazzy set-up

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Older Than I Once Was, Younger Than I'll Be

YAY Simon & Garfunkel reference!

Wow, I suck at the whole "blog every day thing". Something tells me posts are gonna be a tad sporadic this month. I've been crazy busy, and all of my spoons are used up by the end of the day. Kinda have to choose sleep over blogging right now. I could try to blog when I'm absolutely exhausted... someone might find it entertaining.

Continuing on, on Tuesday I turned 24! I'M OLD... er. Most of my birthday was spent at work. Overtime is the best present a girl could ask for. Once I eventually got home I had a nomerful dinner with the family, opened my cards and pressies, nommed on chocolate cake, and then promptly passed out because I was exhausted. Even though I was tired as hell, I had an awesome day.

My dad left a balloon in my car <3

"The Walking Dead" themed birthday... HELL TO THE YES! And yes, I totally wore that shirt to work.

Yup, theme birthdays are awesome. When I was 16 I had a mini-cooper themed birthday (I still think those cars are the bee's knees). Today was my day off of work, so I got to officially celebrate my birthday. I got to spend some quality time with my mom. We had nomerful Nathan's Hotdog Nuggets and I scored some nifty nail polishes with thanks to awesome birthday coupons. Seriously, I have a nail polish addition. Again, by a lot of people's standards my birthday succkkkkkeeedddddd. Those people can shove it up their ungrateful asses. Any birthday where I'm not sitting along crying is a good birthday in my books.

Random general tip, I don't know if y'all remember but in the past I've mentioned that I do not have the attention span to read a book. Unless I am forced to read something I don't. That being said, I am a HUGE believer in graphic novels. Oodles of pictures and a fast moving pace. So if like reading but you totally suck at it, I totally recommend graphic novels. My favorite non-zombie filled one is "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi, it's about the Iranian Revolution. Awesome book right there.

Also, since Hanukkah is coming, I'll be going into Jew-ey mode. So if any of you guys have any questions for me please ask away!

Crippie's Tippie - Perspective! It helps you realize that your seemingly terrible situation is no where near as bad as you think it is :D

Monday, December 3, 2012

23 Skidoo!

Boy howdy do I love titles like this :D

Everybody have a good weekend and Monday? I hope so. I've been very busy for the past few days. No one in my family was feeling particularly well enough for dinner Sunday. Side note: one perk of being a cripple is that my pain medications help counter the effects of a stomach bug... YAY CODINE! I was feeling well enough to run some errands though. I obtained a new heat pack because the one I obtained prior kinda sucks. It doesn't have a timer, and if the cover falls off I could get a wicked burn. Oh well, I keep Daniel Radcliffe in my office now. That way I'm warm and pain free throughout the day! This time I opted to invest in a better quality heat pack. I call it Glenn, because it better not freaking die (just like the character in The Walking Dead).

Today was my last day as a 23 year old, and I spent my day being an adult... working! It was a long 10 hour day, but a productive one. Once I got home I decided to be the mature adult than I am and watched (and yelled at) the cast of Teen Mom 2. What can I say, it's my guilty pleasure. Whenever I feel like I'm some kind of crippled failure I just tell myself "Cheer up Crippie, things might not be perfect, but at least you're not on Teen Mom". Schadenfreude at it's finest right there.

I'm pretty damn excited about tomorrow, even though I'll be working for most of the day it'll still be fun. I will say though, I prefer working on my birthday versa going to school and doing homework on my birthday. I reckon I enjoy the ability to say "I'M DONE WITH WORK... LET'S EAT COPIOUS AMOUNT OF CAKE"!!!

Apart from the anniversary of my birth, tomorrow marks the 23rd anniversary of me being diagnosed with MHE. Come to think it of... wow... some of my birthdays have suuuuccccckkkkkeeeeddddd. I try not to look at this as a negative thing. Was a defining moment in my life... sure. But who's to say whether or not being a cripple is good thing or bad thing. It has definitely shaped me into the person I am today, and I don't think I'm a raging asshole or anything. So I'm gonna see this as a good thing.

Alrighty, I gotta go hit the hay. I've got a day full of adult, 24 year old things to do tomorrow. So I need some sleep!

Crippie's Tippie - Make sure your heat pack has a timer on it. Otherwise it could kinda be a fire hazard.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Try to Remember

That Time in Decemberrrrrrrrrrrrrr (The Fantasticks joke if you were wondering)

Happy December everybody! 

Yup, I totally failed at NHBPM this year. Yesterday's prompt was "Recap NHBPM". Well... I missed the first 10 days due to Hurricane Sandy and my general lack of interwebz. Once the internet returned I did what I could, but I've been super tired recently and I put sleeping above blogging (as it should be). On the bright side I didn't ignite any flamewars and or hate mail... which is a plus. Meh, I'll probably use those prompts one of these days. Congrats to everybody else who actually finished NHBPM, if I could hand you a cookie I would. 

This week is gonna be a pretty awesome week for me. Partly because Hanukkah starts on the 8th and mainly because my 24th birthday is on Tuesday! YAY ME! I'll be celebrating by hanging out with the family and maybe going out for dinner tomorrow (several people in my house have had a tiny stomach bug today, myself included. So we'll see what tomorrow brings). I'm sure that most people my age would be beyond bummed about not celebrating their birthdays by going out with a bunch of friends and getting completely hammered. While I am perfectly fine with that not being the case, it does make me feel kinda weird that I don't. I dunno, I guess it's events like this that highlight that I do not behave like your average 20 something. Apart from that weird feeling, I really do not mind not being the norm. My birthday "party" will consist on nomming on steaks with my family, and it'll be awesome. Bonus awesome points for being to remember my birthday come the day after ;)

Funny, my last official birthday party was 10 years ago (annnnddd now I feel old). I stopped having parties because people stopped inviting me to theirs, lying about not having parties, etc. Yeaaahhhh birthday parties kinda trigger a buncha negative memories about being abandoned by people. That's probably the main reason that I am perfectly content with spending the day with my family and maybe a friend if possible. As depressing as that may sound, there is no way in hell that I'm gonna let a few traumatic memories rain on my parade. One thing I've learned in my decade without the parties is that they are not necessary for a good time. Having a friend over for a movie can be just as fun :) 

Crippie's Tippie - The whole "spare the cripple's feelings by not inviting them to things" logic is flawed to say the least. Can you say "EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE!"?
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