Monday, December 10, 2012

Hanukkah Starts WHEN?!?!?!

Happy Hanukkah Y'all!

I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday season thus far. So far mine's been pretty good. Yesterday I went to see my sister's holiday choral concert and then we all went out for my birthday dinner. Steak is awesome. It was a fun time had by all.

Now, on to a "Jew-ey" question. People often ask me "So, why does Hanukkah start on a different day every year?" This year it started on the 8th of December, next year starts on the 27th of November (too early for my liking, but whatever). Why does it start on a different day each year? Here's the thing, Hanukkah always starts on the 25th... of Kislev (Hebrew Calendar). Yup, the date changes based on the Hebrew Calendar. It always falls sometime between late November and late December.

Related question... "Do you remember or memorize when Hanukkah is gonna start each year?" Personally, NOPE. I google it in November ;) I might remember next year's simply because it is so damn early. Late November Hanukkahs are on the rare side too so it's kinda special.

Another related question... "What happens when Hanukkah falls on your birthday?" This happens fairly often, we just celebrate both as usual. We still light the menorah, we still have copious amounts of birthday cake, the only difference is that I might get more pressies on that day ;)

Soooooo, in non-jew-ey cripple news, I got a letter today informing me that I was rejected for my disability claim I made when I had Fanny removed. Yup, it's about 3 months later and I'm just finding this out. This could be a "we're just testing you" rejection, and I have every intention of fighting it. Any tips on dealing with these fun little situations readers?

Jew-ey's Tippie - Holiday decorations aren't exclusive to Christmas, add some nice gold lights and some blue and gold garland and you've got yourself a shnazzy set-up


  1. Happy birthday friend and Happy Hanukkah. What a lucky girl you are to have both going on - double prezzies too. Thank you for the explanation on Hanukkah. I do appreciate answers to questions I've had for a lot of years. We don't have very many Jewish people in Green Bay for some reason. I have know a few Jewish people in my younger years, but never thought about questions back then. Since being on Twitter tho, I've friended quite a few more pals who are Jewish and sometimes they share information. I could probably ask them questions too, but actually, I never think about the questions then as we have never discussed it. Your blog helps open up the communication and I'm happy for that.

    Sorry to hear you were denied disability. It's typical to be denied in the beginning. I'm so happy you have a "fight them" spirit, because that is exactly what it will take. I have friends who are are on disability and they had to fight really hard 15 years ago, and I doubt it's gotten any better. I would think you would qualify with all you have going on with your body. It might take a couple of years tho, so don't give up on it ever!!!! You might even consider getting an advocate to help you battle. I've heard of other people being successful with their help. Start by visiting your local social security office and see if they know the names of any advocate. You could also check with your doctor's office to see if they might know. There are also attorney's that help, but that might be costly tho. I would spend the $$ if you can because you are young yet and have a lot of years ahead of you to collect. Might be worth it in the long run. keeping my fingers/paws crossed for you.

  2. Thank ya!

    I'll definitely check into the advocates, hopefully I won't need one 0.0


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