Thursday, December 13, 2012

One of "Those" People

Happy 6th night of Hanukkah y'all!

I hope everyone is continuing to enjoy this holiday season. I've been kinda lazy about the whole holiday thing this year. I get home from work, I eat dinner, and then I pass out. Not much room for lighting Hanukkah candles. I should be conscious enough to light 'em tomorrow... hopefully.

Now on to tonight's question, it's not really a jew-ey question but a LOT of people ask it. "Are you one of those people who buys presents for your guinea pigs?" The answer... HELL YEAH I AM. I actually bought the animals pressies before obtaining gifts for my human family members. What did the pigs get this year? Mainly things that they needed. Mama Pig got vitamins (which she LOVES), Aggie got a mirror so she can kinda be social (she doesn't care about the mirror), and the rest got some shnazzy beds. It looks like a dog bed for a really tiny dog (a chihuahua could probably sleep in one comfortably). Nellie, Mama, and Maggie adore their new bed and they have having issues sharing it. Someone *coughNELLIEcough* has realized that if you burrow underneath the bed you will knock out whoever is currently in it. Maybe they'll learn to share one say... *sigh* As for the puppies, Angel and Helen got a special bag of treats that they enjoy immensely.

Nellie says "Dis is mai bed. I has a comfy. If Mama of Maggie tries to get mai bed I will keeel them" 
Angel says "I eated my pressie, now I sad cuz I has no more pressies"

In cripple news, I'm beginning the whole fighting for my disability claim thing. They said they didn't have enough information... which is complete bull crap. I got everything I needed from work and now I'm getting everything needed on the medical side. Let's hope no mistakes are made this time.

Jew-ey's Tippie - If you're gonna obtain a present for you pet... but super practical about what you get 'em. Only things they need or without question will love very much. Otherwise you look like a crazy person. 

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  1. Awww look at that cute, little adorable face. I'd just love to give her a kiss right on top of her head. So smooth and soft. (just call me the crazy cat/animal lady! I am so far behind this year with the Christmas stuff. Cards aren't even in the mail yet. The energy just isn't there. Will have to get prezzies wrapped tho for sure. Good luck on the disability issue - I know you can qualify, but the fight is just beginning. You go girl!!!!


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