Saturday, December 1, 2012

Try to Remember

That Time in Decemberrrrrrrrrrrrrr (The Fantasticks joke if you were wondering)

Happy December everybody! 

Yup, I totally failed at NHBPM this year. Yesterday's prompt was "Recap NHBPM". Well... I missed the first 10 days due to Hurricane Sandy and my general lack of interwebz. Once the internet returned I did what I could, but I've been super tired recently and I put sleeping above blogging (as it should be). On the bright side I didn't ignite any flamewars and or hate mail... which is a plus. Meh, I'll probably use those prompts one of these days. Congrats to everybody else who actually finished NHBPM, if I could hand you a cookie I would. 

This week is gonna be a pretty awesome week for me. Partly because Hanukkah starts on the 8th and mainly because my 24th birthday is on Tuesday! YAY ME! I'll be celebrating by hanging out with the family and maybe going out for dinner tomorrow (several people in my house have had a tiny stomach bug today, myself included. So we'll see what tomorrow brings). I'm sure that most people my age would be beyond bummed about not celebrating their birthdays by going out with a bunch of friends and getting completely hammered. While I am perfectly fine with that not being the case, it does make me feel kinda weird that I don't. I dunno, I guess it's events like this that highlight that I do not behave like your average 20 something. Apart from that weird feeling, I really do not mind not being the norm. My birthday "party" will consist on nomming on steaks with my family, and it'll be awesome. Bonus awesome points for being to remember my birthday come the day after ;)

Funny, my last official birthday party was 10 years ago (annnnddd now I feel old). I stopped having parties because people stopped inviting me to theirs, lying about not having parties, etc. Yeaaahhhh birthday parties kinda trigger a buncha negative memories about being abandoned by people. That's probably the main reason that I am perfectly content with spending the day with my family and maybe a friend if possible. As depressing as that may sound, there is no way in hell that I'm gonna let a few traumatic memories rain on my parade. One thing I've learned in my decade without the parties is that they are not necessary for a good time. Having a friend over for a movie can be just as fun :) 

Crippie's Tippie - The whole "spare the cripple's feelings by not inviting them to things" logic is flawed to say the least. Can you say "EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE!"?

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