Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rare Disease Day 2013!


Yup, it's one of Crippie's favorite holidays of the year! Why? Because not only does it celebrate cripples, BUT it celebrates the reaaaaalllllyyyyyy special ones! It's days like this when we take pride in our ability to baffle doctors, confuse the crap outta normals, and remember that we are not alone. I know how frustrating being a cripple can be, but days like today remind me that there are cripples all across the world that know the same frustrations.

Today for example, my arm was bothering me at work, so I had to discretely ace bandage it and hide my arm for a few hours until the pain subsided. I try my best to hide stuff like that at work because most of my coworkers don't know how crippled I am (they know I have a parking permit, that's about it) and I'd like to keep it that way. Anyways, the feeling of needing to hide can be kinda disheartening at times, and it definitely can make you feel isolated. BUT I know that even though I am the only person in my office with a severe disability, I'm not the only person in the world to deal with crap like this. Us cripples have a special set of problems and our own special set of crap that we have to deal with. But dealing with all the problems and all the crap together makes getting through everything easier. Much easier.

To commemorate rare disease day, I opted to be the internet female that I am and looked this stuff up...
YAY! The internet approves us overall! 

w00t... they don't hate us! 
Well yeah, tumors suck

And while I was there I looked this up too....

Crippie's Tippie - Always be proud of who you are, not just on your designated holiday. Also, be proud that you get a holiday ;)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Crippie Acts Completely Out of Character

Ohai Everyone!

I hope everyone had a marvelous Monday. Mine was alright, full of the usual pain and discomfort that January and February have brought me, but otherwise no complaints. I do have a fun story to tell y'all though... a refreshing break from me talking about being in constant pain for the past few months.

Well, as you all know the past two months have kinda sucked... a lot. So what did Crippie do about it? Believe it or not I spent Thursday night getting fairly drunk with my coworkers. You see, I was at a party for all the employees at my office (YAY social life points), and I was allowed 2 free drinks, whatever my little heart desired. Normally I do not drink alcohol, partly because it doesn't mix well with my rather strong narcotics, and partly because I just don't enjoy the taste of it. Believe it or not I actually decided to have a drink, not just any drink... a relatively strong one at that. Usually when I drink I dilute the crap outta whatever I'm having, and get a buzz at most. For some off reason I thought a chocolate martini sounded tasty. What can I say, the thought of chocolate milk with lots of alcohol in it intrigued me... plus, it was free. How can I say no to free alcoholic chocolate milk?!?!? So, I consumed an entire chocolate martini in a relatively short span of time AND on an empty stomach. Yup, I'm brilliant. At least I had water too so I was hydrated. I was pleasantly surprised at how I actually found the alcoholic chocolate milk to be tasty. I guess there was enough chocolate syrup and liquor to drown out the nail polish remover taste. Well, about a quarter way through the beverage I either stopped hurting or stopped caring about the constant discomfort. I had a great time being social and being slightly inebriated (YAY social life points), not to mention I had the opportunity to consume some tasty noms. Needless to say, Thursday was a much needed break in what has been a really crappy  few months, I got to be a VERY social creature, AND I acted completely out of character.

Slightly inebriated Crippie  
Freakin' Awesome Desserts 
And on a completely unrelated topic, since some of y'all were curious about how I did my nails with those polka dots... I used a dotting tool to draw the polka dots on. Funness. Toothpicks and old ball-point pens also suffice. I used painter's tape for the design below if you're wondering. If you're also wondering why on earth I would spend time doing stuff like that... it helps me concentrate on something other than the pain. You really need to focus if you don't wanna screw up your manicure ;)

Tape Mani while showing off my dotting tool. It doesn't make sense, but whatever
And on ANOTHER unrelated note, to make up for my still irregular posts... here's some sleeping animals.
Helen is all snuggled up and adorable
Crippie's Tippie - If you're like me and take heavy duty narcotics, drink in extreme moderation and make sure you sober up before you take your meds. NEVER MIX ALCOHOL WITH PAIN KILLERS. EVER. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thank God February Is A Short Month


WOW! I suck! I'm SO sorry about my lack of posts. All I can say is that the weather has been royally kicking my ass. How much so? Well, I was able to post after having a damn surgery, but not while it's raining, or when the weather is changing... which has pretty much been every freaking day. >.<

I also realized that I missed this blog's 2 year "blogversary" thing! Can't believe I forgot that. I swear this weather is making my whole system go outta whack. Either that or I was just too uncomfortable to remember/care.

Moving on, I hope all of my crippled comrades had dandy valentine's days. I ate copious amounts of chocolate with peanut butter and watched "As Told By Ginger" on YouTube (pro-tip... do NOT watch the very last season of As Told By Ginger, it will destroy your childhood). These days when I'm not distracting myself with 90's cartoons I'm either a) watching "The Walking Dead" (GOVERNOR Y U KILL AXEL) b) painting my nails and reorganizing my collection c) browsing reddit d) playing with the animals. So yeah... not much doin' here.

To make up for my total lack of posts... here's some pics!

I turned Angel into a walker

Valentine's mani

Random dot mani

Helen keeping me company

I've actually got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, I should get some sleep. I'll try to post regularly again. I SWEAR! 

Crippie's Tippie - Heat packs are freaking awesome when the weather is anything but 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Seriously, I Want Spring

Howdy Y'all

Yup, the weather still sucks. A lot. A whole lot. I'm still in a fair amount of pain and it looks like it is going to snow some more on Wednesday and again on Saturday. It's pretty safe to say that I have a hate/hate relationship with the weather right now. Oh, if any of you guys were wondering, this is how much snow Nemo left us (also, what kind of name is Nemo... storms should not be named after crippled fish)

On the bright side, I've had oodles of distractions to somewhat take my mind off the pain. This weekend it was the "The Walking Dead" Marathon on Saturday followed by the season premiere on Sunday. Needless to say I was pretty damn happy about that. So happy that I decided to make another playlist for y'all... enjoy!

Walking Dead Playlist by Nicole Wynn on Grooveshark

As always my animals somehow manage to lift my spirits. Yesterday I caught Mama Pig being greedy.
Head under one bed, butt on another. My word Mama Pig! Save one bed for your babies... or don't...

And even though I no longer have a massive bag of jerky in my room, Angel still thinks that she'll get some if she smiles enough (I never gave her any btw). 

Well, I reckon that's it for tonight, I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I hope y'all have an awesome, pain-free day :D

Crippie's Tippie - Too crippled to shovel snow? Try to blackmail befriend some normals so they'll do it for you! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Can Haz Spring? Kthnxbai

Howdy Y'all! 

Sorry I haven't been posting this week. Ya see, had I posted everyday it would have sounded something like this...

"Hey guys,
Hope y'all are having an awesome day. Crippie is certainly trying to have an awesome day but the weather is making that really freaking difficult. All of the pressure changes and precipitation have made for a very pain filled day. My (Insert either: ribs, hand, wrist, arm, leg, hip or back depending on the day) was killing me today. As always I curled up with my BFF Glenn the heat pack as soon as I got home."

I'm used to being slightly incapacitated by the occasional weather shift, but these constant weather changes are killing me. I swear I don't remember the last time it was this bad. Weeks of constant barometric pressure changes... eff you mother nature... eff you. 

Presently my hip is being a bitch, yesterday it was my ribs, the day before my wrist. I'm trying to predict what will hurt me tomorrow since I'm already feeling the shifts for Friday's "blizzard". I've got my wrist brace and my rib brace ready to go, let's hope I don't need 'em. On the bright side, I don't think I have to work on Friday, so I can spend the day at home with Glenn the heat pack. 

These days I've honestly been too damn uncomfortable to do much of anything. All of my energy spoons are spent tolerating pain at work. Blaaaaah, all I can say is that the damn groundhog had better be freakin' right about an early Spring, cause I've had enough of winter. 

To make up for this mildly depressing post... here's some talking animals. I was almost crying from laughter when I saw this... who am I kidding... I was crying from laughter when I saw this! 

Crippie's Tippie - When in doubt, talking animals will always make you feel better

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lungs Are Flying Everywhere!


Holy crap, I cannot believe that this blog has over 50,000 views!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

Also, holy crap it's February. When the hell did that happen?

Well, this week has been another pain filled week for Crippie. I've been popping tylenols like a mad woman. Note to self... buy big ass thing of tylenol. 2,000mg of tylenol holds me over during the day when I can't take all my super fun drugs, I take my super fun drugs as soon as I get home.

I'm still relying on distractions to keep me comfortable. Mainly I've been listening to music to help shift my focus. Here's a little playlist of some of the stuff I've been listening too. I've kinda been on an old-timey music kick. Hope y'all enjoy

Crippie's Oldies Mixxy by Nicole Wynn on Grooveshark

My other distraction has been the most annoying, frustrating, hilarious and addictive video game that can be found online. It's called... brace yourselves... SURGEON SIMULATOR 2013. Yup, you have to play surgeon and attempt to perform open-heart surgery. The game is so bizarre and ridiculous that it becomes awesome. I suck at video games in general, so it's pretty entertaining to watch me try to play this. One time I whacked the guys ribcage off with a hammer and threw his lungs on the floor. I've accepted the fact that I will never win this game, but I'm enjoying transferring my pain to the dude on the operating table. I'm trying to discover news ways of throwing this guy's lungs around. The game is free and can be found HERE. If you don't wanna play the game cause you suck at video games as much as I do, HERE is a video of someone else playing it.

As always, my animals have been providing the best distraction EVARRRRRR. Angel has been especially distracting recently. She's on a medication that is making her very perky. And I have a bag of beef jerky in my room. The result is this...

This keeps happening... every ten minutes. It's amusing as hell. Although it's really freaking creepy when she does it at 2am.

Oh, I created an account on yet another social media site, Vine. It's like instagram but with videos. So if you wanna see videos like THIS, follow me. I'm @icanhasdesign. Also, if you wanna follow me on instagram my username is scarwars10 :)

The weather is looking questionable for the next week, so it'll probably be another rough week pain wise. Any recommend any good distractions for me? Any awesome shows on netflix? Any stupid videos on YouTube? Any online games worth trying (Yes, I've tried Slender... I didn't find it scary)? I'm open to any suggestions :D

Crippie's Tippie - Beef Jerky may be a delicious treat for humans, but it is the doggie version of meth... use jerky with caution
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