Monday, February 11, 2013

Seriously, I Want Spring

Howdy Y'all

Yup, the weather still sucks. A lot. A whole lot. I'm still in a fair amount of pain and it looks like it is going to snow some more on Wednesday and again on Saturday. It's pretty safe to say that I have a hate/hate relationship with the weather right now. Oh, if any of you guys were wondering, this is how much snow Nemo left us (also, what kind of name is Nemo... storms should not be named after crippled fish)

On the bright side, I've had oodles of distractions to somewhat take my mind off the pain. This weekend it was the "The Walking Dead" Marathon on Saturday followed by the season premiere on Sunday. Needless to say I was pretty damn happy about that. So happy that I decided to make another playlist for y'all... enjoy!

Walking Dead Playlist by Nicole Wynn on Grooveshark

As always my animals somehow manage to lift my spirits. Yesterday I caught Mama Pig being greedy.
Head under one bed, butt on another. My word Mama Pig! Save one bed for your babies... or don't...

And even though I no longer have a massive bag of jerky in my room, Angel still thinks that she'll get some if she smiles enough (I never gave her any btw). 

Well, I reckon that's it for tonight, I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I hope y'all have an awesome, pain-free day :D

Crippie's Tippie - Too crippled to shovel snow? Try to blackmail befriend some normals so they'll do it for you! 


  1. I thought of you and all our friends out East with that horrible snow. We live in WIsconsin and even we don't get snow like that. A bad snowstorm here is about 15 inches and that does not happen yearly. Sorry about your pain - I've been having it too - darn Mother Nature with her highs and lows.

  2. I want spring to come too! I feel for you, here in the UK all our snow (the whole 2 weeks worth) is long gone, although it is still horrible and cold and soooo grey ALL THE TIME. Stay warm, the Spring won't be too much longer now :) x Hayley-Eszti


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