Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thank God February Is A Short Month


WOW! I suck! I'm SO sorry about my lack of posts. All I can say is that the weather has been royally kicking my ass. How much so? Well, I was able to post after having a damn surgery, but not while it's raining, or when the weather is changing... which has pretty much been every freaking day. >.<

I also realized that I missed this blog's 2 year "blogversary" thing! Can't believe I forgot that. I swear this weather is making my whole system go outta whack. Either that or I was just too uncomfortable to remember/care.

Moving on, I hope all of my crippled comrades had dandy valentine's days. I ate copious amounts of chocolate with peanut butter and watched "As Told By Ginger" on YouTube (pro-tip... do NOT watch the very last season of As Told By Ginger, it will destroy your childhood). These days when I'm not distracting myself with 90's cartoons I'm either a) watching "The Walking Dead" (GOVERNOR Y U KILL AXEL) b) painting my nails and reorganizing my collection c) browsing reddit d) playing with the animals. So yeah... not much doin' here.

To make up for my total lack of posts... here's some pics!

I turned Angel into a walker

Valentine's mani

Random dot mani

Helen keeping me company

I've actually got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, I should get some sleep. I'll try to post regularly again. I SWEAR! 

Crippie's Tippie - Heat packs are freaking awesome when the weather is anything but 


  1. Great pictures. I'm curious about the nails. Don't laugh at this question (oh go ahead anyway) but how do you paint poka dots on nails? Do you have a template or something? You can tell I'm way behind the times here and NOT with the program at all. I hear you on the pain. I've been hurting like crazy too.

  2. Hi C

    I too feel the aches big time because of the cold. The worst part was I had a throat virus last week and had coughing fits which led to the rib exotosis bonesyies becoming quite angry with the throat. This led to a brawl between the two with me taking all the lumps.

    The last episode was awesome....Looks like merle will be back in the fold again and he will probably go after the evil governor....It would be ironic if merle and mushonne teamed up to go after the governor.

    Glenn needs to chill and Rick is close to losing it.

    Nice nails and Angel is so cute... I have my kittie Kat, 16 years, as my buddy.

    Take Care
    Veteran MHE'er


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