Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lungs Are Flying Everywhere!


Holy crap, I cannot believe that this blog has over 50,000 views!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

Also, holy crap it's February. When the hell did that happen?

Well, this week has been another pain filled week for Crippie. I've been popping tylenols like a mad woman. Note to self... buy big ass thing of tylenol. 2,000mg of tylenol holds me over during the day when I can't take all my super fun drugs, I take my super fun drugs as soon as I get home.

I'm still relying on distractions to keep me comfortable. Mainly I've been listening to music to help shift my focus. Here's a little playlist of some of the stuff I've been listening too. I've kinda been on an old-timey music kick. Hope y'all enjoy

Crippie's Oldies Mixxy by Nicole Wynn on Grooveshark

My other distraction has been the most annoying, frustrating, hilarious and addictive video game that can be found online. It's called... brace yourselves... SURGEON SIMULATOR 2013. Yup, you have to play surgeon and attempt to perform open-heart surgery. The game is so bizarre and ridiculous that it becomes awesome. I suck at video games in general, so it's pretty entertaining to watch me try to play this. One time I whacked the guys ribcage off with a hammer and threw his lungs on the floor. I've accepted the fact that I will never win this game, but I'm enjoying transferring my pain to the dude on the operating table. I'm trying to discover news ways of throwing this guy's lungs around. The game is free and can be found HERE. If you don't wanna play the game cause you suck at video games as much as I do, HERE is a video of someone else playing it.

As always, my animals have been providing the best distraction EVARRRRRR. Angel has been especially distracting recently. She's on a medication that is making her very perky. And I have a bag of beef jerky in my room. The result is this...

This keeps happening... every ten minutes. It's amusing as hell. Although it's really freaking creepy when she does it at 2am.

Oh, I created an account on yet another social media site, Vine. It's like instagram but with videos. So if you wanna see videos like THIS, follow me. I'm @icanhasdesign. Also, if you wanna follow me on instagram my username is scarwars10 :)

The weather is looking questionable for the next week, so it'll probably be another rough week pain wise. Any recommend any good distractions for me? Any awesome shows on netflix? Any stupid videos on YouTube? Any online games worth trying (Yes, I've tried Slender... I didn't find it scary)? I'm open to any suggestions :D

Crippie's Tippie - Beef Jerky may be a delicious treat for humans, but it is the doggie version of meth... use jerky with caution


  1. So how about playing more online word games with your grandma....and how about writing your part of "OUR" new book? :-)

  2. Adorable dog! I love it when you can see there little teeth!

    xxx Hayley-Eszti


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