Friday, December 30, 2011

Luck Be A Piggie Tonight


I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has been posting such sweet comments here, y'all are seriously awesome. I'm also glad to see that people are enjoying my pee cup story. Yeah, Crippie has arthritis and tumors in her fingers, so opening jars and bottles is challenging to say the least. Can any of my wonderful readers recommend a jar/bottle opener that works for someone with a stupidly weak grip? I really haven't been able to find any good ones.

Carrying on, today was kinda scary for Crippie and her family. Last night I was taking care of my piggies when I noticed a fair amount of blood in one of the cages. After some examinations I found out the blood was coming from Emma. Upon further inspection I also found a tumor on her tummy. Internet research told me this was reallyyyy not good. The internet said Emma would need surgery. Guinea Pigs and surgery don't always mesh well. So last night Crippie was stressing out to say the least over Emma's possible prognosis. We took Emma to the vet today after I got home from work. Emma was not pleased about the whole prospect of seeing a vet, she told me so by taking a massive wee on me on the ride to the vet. The vet (who looked and acted a little too much like Dr. Cox from "Scrubs") thought Emma either had a bladder stone, an abscess, or a really bad infection in the uterus. ALL of those things require surgery to fix... SUPER. The doctor wanted an x-ray to properly diagnose her. Emma didn't like the idea of an x-ray, she let us know by taking a wee on my mom. Emma was a good girl though and let the vet take x-rays of her. I was getting purdy damn worried as to what the x-rays would show, much to my surprise the x-rays showed that Emma has no serious health issues... YAY EMMA! The vet then concluded that Emma probably has a infection that caused the tumor and the blood, some antibiotics should hopefully take care of the problem. So we have to give Emma cherry flavored anti-biotics for the next week, works for me.

I'm soooooooooooo freakin' happy that Emma doesn't need surgery. Let's just hope that the anti-biotics work. If y'all could send your ninja healing vibes to Emma I'd greatly appreciate it.

Crippie's Tippie- Normals make the best can and jar openers

Emma's Tippie - HAY STICKS ARE FREAKIN' AWESOME... and please keep a watchful eye on your pets so you know when they get sick

P.S. Yes, Crippie is aware that she made two posts in a row related to pee


  1. In my experience, teenagers are the best lid/jar openers. After all, hubby goes to work and there's ALWAYS at least one "offspring" around. They're also the best at cleaning up critter pee.
    If you don't have a teen of your own, I could give you one of mine...(Just kiddin' guys!)
    Good luck and a quick recovery to Emma!

  2. Oh dear friend, we feel so bad for Emma and you. What a worry that must have been. I've heard that no all vets are specialized in piggies and gerbils, so I'm happy you have one that does treat them. My kitty Mario sends healing purrs to Emma (from @Mariodacat - purr purr purr purr purr purr purr) Jar openers - Hmmn, I'll have to ask my daughter what she uses. I know it's a real pain for her too.

  3. Thanks for the well wishes, Emma says "Wheek wheek wheek wheek wheek wheek wheek". I can only assume that means "feed me, oh and thank you Pixiecd & Mary"


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