Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cripple Comics!


Oh my word, Crippie is loooovvvvviiiiinnnngggggg this weather. Mid 60's for the win! I hope all my super awesome readers had a lovely day. Crippie had a relatively busy day. I drove with my mom to get gas in my car, since I'm still not totally comfortable with driving to the gas station yet, my mom has been driving and I've been watching her and attempting to memorize the directions and what to do. It's weird, I am well aware of where the gas station is, I've been their countless times throughout my life... yet I do not know how to get there and I would probably have an anxiety attack if I attempted to go alone. Apart from that moment of funness Crippie spent the remainder of the day at work. I also took a little nap after work, around 9pm... so chances are this is gonna be a late night for Crippie. Oh well. 

Moving on the title topic, today one of Crippie's fellow cripple buddies sent her a link to a site called "That Deaf Guy" which has oodles of awesome comics drawn by a deaf guy and his wife. The comics are s'darn adorable that I couldn't help but share some of my favorites with y'all.

While Crippie is on the topic of cripple comics, I have to recognize one favorite crippled cartoonists, the late John Callahan. John Callahan was a quadriplegic and had a gloriously twisted sense of humor. He created one of my favorite shows of all time "Pelswick" as well as another show "Quads". His cartoons might be considered offensive to some... but Crippie freakin' loves them.

Crippie's Tippie - Humor is one of the greatest coping mechanisms of ALL TIME

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  1. OMC - Those cartoons are great. Thanks for sharing them with us. Good luck on the driving. Once you start driving yourself, you'll be more aware of the route to take each place you go. It will become an old routine.


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