Monday, March 5, 2012

Everything Went Better Than Expected


It looks like Crippie's great quest for a heat pack ended rather quickly. Crippie went to Kmart and obtained a Sunbeam Extra Large Electric Moist Heat Pack. I'll admit, I had really low expectations when it came to this heat pack... some relief and maybe it won't catch on fire. I figured I'd test out the new heat pack when my hip pain is at it's worst... at night.
First off... no heat pack product suggests that you use it while sleeping. There is a chance you can burn yourself. Crippie is rebel and completely disregards those warnings! My reflexes are quick enough to remove it if something starts to hurt. Also, this heat pack has a two-hour timer so I don't really have to worry about fires, which is nice.
I used the max heat setting, which was hot but not "OMG I JUST BURNED MY FREAKING LEG" hot, just the right amount of moist heat IMO. I was able to wrap the heat pack around the heat pack around my hip and leg area, which was rather nice because I wasn't overheating in a giant heated blanket. After about 30 of heat I started to notice that my hip wasn't hurting. I didn't have a feeling that a lead balloon was expanding in my hip. Shocked by this discovery I figured I'd just try lying down in some random position with the heat still secured to my hip. Generally speaking I can lay still for maybe 5 minutes before it gets too uncomfortable and then I switch positions. I got into my random position, watched some TV and before I knew it 30 minutes had passed! I couldn't believe it, I was able to lay down in one position for a relatively lengthy period of time. I can count the number of times I've been able to do that with one hand, and all the instances involved some really strong pain meds. After that I figured I should actually try to go to sleep, so I got into a comfy position with my heat pack and stayed in that position until I fell asleep!
I still can't believe it, I had a night where my hip didn't hurt me! I was actually able to fall asleep like a normal person! When I woke up in the morning my hip felt pretty good. I didn't notice quite as many popping noises from my hip today. I'm using the heat pack right now and my hip isn't hurting!
Crippie is really freaking happy. My hip has been the bane of my existence for 5+ years. I've had to cope with the pain every night for years, all of the sudden a simple heat pack is making it go away. To go from being in constant pain to near nothing... that feeling is indescribable. The only downside now that I think about is "CRAP... I'VE BEEN NEEDLESSLY SUFFERING FOR OVER 5 YEARS... FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU".
I really hope I'm not jinxing myself again by posting this, but even if I did, at least I had one night of no pain. I'll definitely keep y'all updated on the miraculous heat pack cure.

BTW - If anyone is wondering specifically what kind of pain the miraculous heat pack is curing, it is helping relieve inflammation from arthritis.



  1. You have me sold. I'm headed out today to find one of those. I also have hip pain at night - that's why I'm up so early this morning - hurting too much to sleep. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Ugh, hip pain sucks soooo much. Good luck in your heat pack adventures!

  2. So glad you finally got a good night's sleep sans pain.
    Way to go, Babe.

  3. Moist heat is wonderful. Sometimes I used my lavender cold pack and then the moist heating pad for treating stiff neck and back.
    Glad your sleep has improved'''''
    Ossie's Mom

  4. That's awesome!! Heat pads are great! I did actually wake up with a giant blistering burn on my scapula once, but I was like, "whatever- this is still nothing compared to the pain I was feeling..." and still use heating pads anyway


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