Saturday, March 24, 2012

Holy Pressure Changes Batman!


Holy crap I'm getting lazy with regular posting, sorry 'bout that. Mother nature has been kicking Crippie's ass for the past few days. There have been some crazy pressure changes around here, so Crippie has been feeling kinda bleh overall. Lots of pain meds, NPH, and extra naps.
On top of the pressure changes it appears Crippie is also developing allergies. Apparently Crippie's lungs are special, if I smell something really strong like cigarette smoke or lots of perfume I choke and start having a coughing fit. BTW, if you're smoking by me and I start obnoxiously coughing I'm not trying to be a dick... I honestly can't breathe. For the past couple of days I've been getting seemingly random periods of feeling tightness in my airway... super fun. Oh well, at least allergy medicine helps.
So what does Crippie do on days when she can't function? Well, recently all of Crippie's co-workers convinced her that she needed to start watching "The Walking Dead", so I've been doing that. I got through the entire first season in three days! One perk of being a cripple, I'm pretty much used to blood and gore so I'm not phased by seeing all these zombies getting their faces smashed in. I've also gotten pretty familiar with how the human body works, so I've been analyzing how all the zombies move and determining their mental capacities! Yes, this how Crippie spends her downtime, determining the mental capacities of zombies.

And here's another photo dump to make up for not posting in several days!

Me and Helen playing around 
Me holding Helen like a baby (kinda shocked that this picture turned out as well as it did)

Frida and Nellie sleeping in their cuddle cups  
Crippie saw a rainbow at work a couple of days ago and was able to snap a pic!

Now Crippie's Sew Able Doll has a piggie too! I received a lovely guinea pig shaped soap from It reminds me of Emma <3

Crippie's Tippie - Before getting addicted to a TV show, be sure to find ways of watching all the seasons.


  1. You know who else is addicted to The Walking Dead? Your cousin Ryan. I won't watch it but I know he's hooked. He'll be happy to know someone else in the family watches it too. Hang in there and Feel better with the pressure change. Sorry to hear about your allergies. Mine kicked in early this year. Talk to you later. Love Aunt Amy FYI: I didn't know what to pick where I have to choose Comment as: so Anonymous seemed like the easy way to go. Let me know if I should do something different.

  2. The barometer changes kick me too. About an hour ago the high humidity caused terrible pain in my legs and upper shoulders/arms. I got off the sofa, walked around, and told myself it'd have to get a lot worse before I took any break thru pain meds. Thank goodness it went away.

    I had swept off my back porch which was covered in a green pollen haze. I got it in my nose and sneezed royally for 2 hours. Two weeks I was waking up with a tight band feeling across my sign for allergies are here.

    Gee...between the nerve pain and my allergies I must be a lot of fun??
    Yep, I am and stay as busy as I possibility can'''
    Sweeping my porch and planting flowers.

    TV shows?? I love "Being Human" on the sci fi channel. A little like "Walking Dead" but better.

    Ossie's Mom


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