Thursday, July 12, 2012

Piggie Post: Is Your Pig In Pain?

Ohai Everybody

The Aggie Update - Her eye is looking oodles better, but Aggie hates the world. Aggie has been acting very aggressively today. She bit Maggie in the butt around 2am and they've been fighting since. Maggie getting a nip in the butt is not uncommon, 9 times out of 10 she deserves said nip. Today I watched them for a while, Aggie was attacking Maggie for no reason. We took Aggie out for some alone time and discovered that she, like Mama was having some tummy issues as a result of her antibiotics. So I made the executive decision to stop giving them to her. I gave Aggie some pain meds, let them kick in, and then put her back in with Maggie. Alas, they were still piiiiisssssseeeeddd at each other and almost had a full on brawl. We ended up separating the two. Aggie is now in a play pen on my dining room floor. Both are enjoying their "me time" very much. Aggie's tummy has improved a great deal already.

Aggie is acting aggressively because she is in pain. This is her way of telling people that she is not a happy camper. Every pig handles pain differently. Mama Pig cried when her tummy really started hurting her, and Emma practically froze in place with her coat puffed up. That being said, there are some tell tale signs that your pig is miserable...
1 - The pig is biting things
2 - Chewing random things
3 - Screaming bloody murder
4 - Changes in behavior
5 - Puffed up coat
6 - Lethargy

Spotting a pig in pain can be very challenging. You have to know your piggies. Aggie is the recessive pig out of the two. She's always such a sweetheart, if you give her food she'll love you for forever. Aggie is acting VERY much out of character, the only explanation is that she is not well. Upon examining her tummy and the "presents" she leaves us, we realized her tummy was bothering her. Again, you have to work with the understanding that if something is out of the ordinary... something is wrong.

Aggie is going to the vet tomorrow for her follow-up appointment. Aggie requests super healing ninja vibes. I hope we can stop giving her the drops, I also hope the vet doesn't kill me for stopping her anti-biotics. Fingers crossed!

Crippie's Tippie - If your pig is having minor tummy issues... give them lettuce sprinkled with water. They love it because it's freakin' lettuce and the extra water makes it easier to go to the bathroom.

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  1. Your piggies are such dear, little sweethearts. I do hope they start feeling better soon. Mario said he would send over some healing purrs and that should help.


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