Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Getting Hot In Here...


Holy moly it's really freakin' hot. Crippie hopes that all of my lovely readers are keeping cool this weekend. I usually don't mind the heat, but it's become a bit of nuisance since I've been using heat packs. It's like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place... without the heat pack I'm achy and cool, with the heat pack I'm in less pain but overheating. *Sigh* I've decided that the overheating problem was easier to treat... so I just drink cold beverages and things of that nature to compensate. 

This weather has not been agreeing with the tumors either, Fanny in particular. She's been making my hip ache like a mofo. Have you ever had something ache to a point where it becomes really painful? That's Fanny. My hip almost constantly has a dull aching feeling. I eagerly await to find out when this bastard will be removed. 

Apart from this lovely weather, Crippie's been having a good weekend thus far. I was actually a social creature today. A friend came over for a pizza and Daria marathon. Daria is one of my all time favorite TV shows, people compare me to the main character all the time :D. So Crippie had a lovely time with that. Tomorrow (today, whatever) Crippie is going to see another show! Gotta love theatre season! I'm going to see Summerstar Theatre's production of  "A Grand Night For Singing". Crippie loves living in an area with such wonderful community theatre companies. All of my local readers should totally go see this show, I hear it's wonderful. And all of my non-local readers should support their local community theatre troups! 

In sleeping news, last night I tried taking online surveys to get tired. Worked pretty well if I do say so myself. They're boring as hell and you can earn a few extra bucks. It's like being paid to fall asleep! I was going to do likewise tonight, but Crippie got distracted with pictures of cats. I should be able to fall asleep after I finish posting this.

Before I leave y'all for the night, my guinea pigs have a quick piggie tippie for beating the heat... WATERMELON. My piggies love watermelon more than life itself and devour it like it's laced with crack or something. It's also great for hot weather because it's cold and refreshing. Here's a little video to prove my point. (I don't give my pigs this much watermelon, they get tiny pieces)


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