Sunday, July 15, 2012

One Week!!!


I hope all my crippled comrades had a lovely weekend. My weekend went rather well all things considered. Cripplefest begins in one week and I am soooooooooooo pumped! I can't wait to see all of my fellow crippies! Of course, events of this magnitude require lots of preparations, so I'll be very busy this week getting ready.

Today's agenda mainly focused on getting supplies and making sure that our pets look their best. We took Angel out for a hair cut. For an abused dog that occasionally hates people, she sure loves her outings to the groomer. She was smiling throughout the entire car ride, she got to smell some awesome new dogs, AND the awesome new dogs actually liked her (she has a habit of trying to befriend really scared or really angry dogs). Not to mention all of the attention she got from the actual groomer. She was very much content until the nice groomer lady tried to groom her face, then she got into her "DO NOT WANT" mode and kept trying nip the groomer. *Sigh* Lucky for us, the groomer knew how to deal with her and managed to give Angel a very stylish trim, complete with a bow in her hair.

After the groomer we made a surprise visit to one of my fellow crippies. It's funny, when I was younger I thought I was the only person in the state of New York with MHE... LOL fail... turns out there are several families throughout the state with MHE. One such family lives a mere 15 minutes away from me. I can literally drive to this house without a panic attack, thats how close they are. Anyway the girl in the family with MHE recently had her first surgery, so we stopped by to give her some pressies. Just seeing this little girl hopping around on her crutches obviously brings back memories of my early surgeries. But I know that she will have the support of hundreds of people, she will never feel as alone as I used to feel. If she ever feels that way I can drive to her damn house and make her feel better. How amazing is that!

In piggie news, Aggie is still in the playpen. Maggie seems to miss having a buddy in her cage and is constantly looking around, hoping that someone will be there. And for all of you that are wondering why I can't just put Aggie back in the cage now, I cannot underestimate how dangerous fighting guinea pigs are. Guinea pigs have very sharp teeth. They can do some serious damage. I've been bitten by the pigs before, it breaks the skin and it freakin' hurts. I'll try the buddy bath either tomorrow or Tuesday, whenever I have a good amount of time... and I'll def take pics... no worries ;)

To make up for the general sporadic-ness of this post... here's some pictures of the piggies
Um, Frida... that's not how you use a cuddle cup


Where the hell am I?
Crippie's Tippie - If you're obtaining a pressie for a child who just had surgery, be sure to get a little something for their siblings (if any)

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  1. Your piggies are always awesome, and so is Angel, so I never mind seeing pictures of them. How very nice of you to visit the young girl that just had surgery. I'm sure that meant a lot to her and her mom.You can relate so well because you have been through it and know how she feels pretty much. Have fun with your Crippie party.


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