Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Day Mooooorrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hey Y'all!

I'm apologizing in advance for what will probably be a total lack of posts over the next week or so. Cause... CRIPPLEFEST FESTIVITIES BEGIN TOMORROW! w000000000000000000000000t. While the event itself isn't until next Sunday, cripples are gonna start trickling in tomorrow... and staying at my house :D. So it's gonna be a weeklong cripple sleepover. It's like a normal sleepover except we gossip about hot doctors. Anyway, it's gonna be "cray cray" down here and I don't think I'm gonna have any opportunities to blog. I'll try to tweet about my adventures though, and I'll probs be posting some pics to instragram too (I'm @scarwars10... FOLLOW ME)

Everyone here has spent the past couple of days getting ready, it's been insane. On the bright side, my room is finally freakin' clean. It took a lot of assistance from my sister... but now it looks like a civilized person lives here :D We're almost done getting ready, tomorrow I have to put Maggie in her new home. (we had to find the spare cage... took a while). Maggie is very excited about Cripplefest too... she likes my friends.

I don't know if I've said this enough but, I'M SO EXCITED!!! I can't wait to see all my crippled friends. Alas, I don't exactly have friends that I can physically "hang out" with... so actually being with all my buddies is awesome.

And since some of you guys have been asking me "What's gonna happen with Aggie and Maggie? They can't stay in those cages" I know that keeping them in pet store cages is far from the ideal situation, but it's temporary. After all of the Cripplefest stuff over I'll have time to devote to bringing them back together. I'll do the buddy bath followed with massive amounts of salad to hopefully seal the deal. If thhhaaaaaaaaatttt fails, again, I'm gonna have to look into other options, like maybe obtaining a new friend from them, possibly a neutered boy. Honestly I have no idea, we'll just take it one day at time with those little buttheads. Maggie has been extra "special" for the past few days, instead of drinking from her water dish like a normal pig, she's been dunking her damn head in the water. Silly pigs.

Anyways, yeah... I don't think I'll be seeing you guys for about a week or so. I hope y'all have a fantastic week! Much love - Crippie

Crippie's Tippie - When hosting cripples at your house, be sure that you have something comfy to sleep on. 

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