Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crippie Plays Catch Up

Sup Everybody?

My cold is finally starting to go away... YAY! I can breathe again!!! Apart from the general annoyance of the cold, it was really starting to get painful, tumors in my ribs were catching when I coughed, hella painful. Anywhooo today Crippie figured she'd talk about some random things that have been on her mind recently...

- Anybody watch the Oscars? Crippie enjoys watching award shows and picking out the winners regardless of whether or not she knows what she is talking about. I did pretty well last night, got a vast majority of my answers correctly. The biggest bummer of the night... WHY DIDN'T HARRY POTTER WIN ANYTHING? I mean, c'mon couldn't the academy at least recognize them for their make-up? Biggest moment of awesome (for me anyway)... when "The Descendants" won an award for it's script. Why? Because this means the academy agrees with Crippie in how the movie is not offensive in any way, shape or form. Snaps for validating my opinions. 

- Now that my cold is going away I can focus on trying to sleep again. Last night I fell asleep around 5:30am. The night before that it was 4:00. Crippie really needs to think of some sleeping techniques. Oh, and for those who suggested either Tylenol or Advil PM... Crippie used to take those to go sleep for several years. What happens when you take a drug regularly for several years? You basically become immune to it. Alas they no longer have any effect on me. 

- Crippie visits her pain management doctor on Thursday. My mom really wants me to consider the anti-depressant as a pain medication route again. This time we are gonna go to the doctor specifically discussing my hip pain (normally I just say I'm in pain from the neck down). I'm gonna bring my hip x-rays and discuss how I want to preserve my hips for as long as possible. Although part of me thinks I should probably be talking with my ortho about that, which reminds me... I haven't had an othro appointment in over a year, YAY ME! 

- The piggies are starting to get dirty, I guess that means it's time to bathe the piggies. Something tells me Thursday will be spent at the doctor's office and then bathing and blow drying pigs (yes, I actually use a hair dryer on the piggies). Anyone interested in seeing pics of that super fun event? 

- Speaking of piggies, here's some pictures of Frida sleeping in Nellie's house. Ever since Frida managed to get in Nellie's house she has refused to come out :D

- So yeah, that's about it. Random jumble of a post. Crippie's thoughts get jumbled at 3:00am... which is mainly why I NEED TO FRIGGIN SLEEEEEEEEEP!

Crippie's Tippie's - In this day of digital x-rays its super easy to ask for a copy, they can be emailed to you too! 


  1. Somehow I missed this post and I believe the previous one. Piggies getting a bath! Hope they like it better than cats do! Actually I would like to see a piggie getting a bath - so that makes a good blog post. Know what you mean about your whole body is in pain. I know the feeling well. Your mom might have a good idea about Zoloft acting as somewhat of a pain med. I'd go for it. It helps a little bit, but is not the total answer.

  2. I sleep terribly so sometimes use over the counter Benadryl (25mg) or Unsiom 25mg (doxylamine succinate). With the Unisom I mostly use 1/3 to 1/2 of the pill. It's better to try a small amount to gauge how it affects/works for you. Since you already have physical issues (like me) I find I can take much less. With any new medication be careful. I had tried meds for nerve pain but they caused awful side effects or didn't work for me. I wish you luck finding a new medication that helps.

    Please post pics of the guinea pigs getting washed and dried'''
    May you soon sleep well again.
    Ossie's Mom


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