Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pointy- A Tribute


On January 11th I experienced a loss. My favorite tumor, Pointy, was surgically removed from my wrist. I wanted to pay tribute to my favorite lil' tumor with a lil' blog post.

Pointy was a little bad-ass tumor. He liked to be very visible on my wrist and freak people out. He liked being visible with out being painful. I liked that in a tumor. He was my display tumor. When people asked what was wrong with me I showed them Pointy and they got the picture. One day Pointy decided that he needed to spread his wings and he started growing. He grew so much that he could have broken the skin given the opportunity. So I decided to give Pointy the Ol' Yeller treatment and set him free.

(yes, that's actually Pointy) If you're grossed out by that, try living with it in your wrist.

So now I am fully recovered and have a dandy new scar on my wrist, but the memories of Pointy will always remain. Fare well Pointy, I hope you are enjoying annoying the crap out of things in tumor heaven.

Crippie's Tippie of the Day- Naming your tumors and paying tribute to them is an awesome way to freak people out.

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