Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Social Media & Disability


I'm a freakin' idiot, I took my medications two hours later than I should have tonight. Lucky for me pain level isn't terribly high at the moment. 

I figured I'd give y'all fair warning... CRIPPIE GOT A PINTEREST ACCOUNT. Yes, Crippie has yet another social media website account. Me thinks Pinterest is kinda like Tumblr with less pictures of peoples pets and delicious things that they made for dinner. I made several Pinterest boards for graphic design and home decor but most importantly I made a board devoted to CRIPPLES! My dream for my little cripple board is for it to become a massive Pinterest board, so if anyone here wants to become part of my cripple board, follow me on Pinterest, ask me to join the board, and fill the board with your pictures of awesome cripple related pictures! C'mon I know we can do this. 

I can't believe how much I'm getting into this whole "social media scene". I used to hate social media with a passion. Growing up I never had a myspace. I pretty much only use facebook for stalking keeping in touch with friends. Hell, I just joined Twitter in January because I forced to (I took a social media class in college). Once I started joining twitter, tumblr, various blogger sites I realized how awesome it was. A few days ago I realized that the reason I love it all s'darn much is because it makes me feel kinda normal in sense. Whenever I post pictures of my pets on my tumblr I feel like an average 20 something posting pictures of their pets to tumblr, and if I had pretty food I would totally post that too. 

Apart from the sense of normalcy social media brings me, it also brings me some valuable resources for my disability. Twitter is a great place to find medical articles, pain relief tips, and general articles pertaining to social issues about disability. Also each new social media venture brings the opportunity to meet new people. Thanks to social media I've met new cripple friends, shared cripple stories, shared cripple information, gotten cripple advice etc. Social media makes it so much easier for cripples to find other cripples. It makes it easier for us to connect with each other and ultimately with the spread of information, improve many cripple's quality of life. So yeah... social media is awesome... except google+ I still don't see use of that one. 

Crippie's Tippie- Follow my Pinterest, let's make a giant cripple board! 

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