Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Pig, Little Mamala

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Hey Guys,

I wish I had happier news to report to you guys tonight, but alas that is not the case. Mama Pig passed away around 7:45 this morning after a brief battle with an Upper Respiratory Infection. I did everything I possibly could to keep her going, but ultimately she was beyond help. I was able to give her pain medications so she was insanely happy and peaceful when she died.

After we obtained Nellie & Emma we weren't sure if we should go back for their mother and sister. A few months later we were in the pet store, visiting the mother and sister. I walked by the cage, the piggies stayed the hell away from me. My grandmother walked by the cage, and miss Mama Pig ran over and started pouting with her "Patti Lupone" lips... and the rest is history.

Mama Pig was quite the diva. She loved being brushed, bathed, any spa treatment really. Anything except nail trimmings. She was an attention whore and enjoyed being called pretty. She would only eat her pellets AFTER the special cranberry treats were applied. She'd hog all of the comfy beds, sleep near the hay so only she'd get the freshest hay, all sorts of diva behaviors. Hell, even last week if we didn't give Mama her special vitamins before we sat down for dinner she'd stare us down and start to gnaw at the cage for attention until she was fed. 

In spite of her diva attitude Mama was actually one of our kinder pigs. She never tried to kill any of the others (which is impressive knowing the others). She'd give her humans kisses and nuzzles all the time. If ever Mama was displeased with us she'd let us know by pooping in mass quantities. She will always be #1 at #2 in my house. 

Mama Pig was always close with her daughter Frida. She forgave Frida even when she'd use her face as a step ladder. Once they moved into the big cage with Nellie, Mama and Frida became fast friends. You'd frequently see them snuggling, and you know... not using faces as step ladders. 
Frida even got to have a goodbye snuggle with Mama last night (Mama wasn't contagious). Even though Mama was stoned out of her mind she recognized Frida and snuggled close to her. 

Mama Pig was roughly around five years old, possibly older. She was predeceased by her daughter Emma. She is survived by daughters Nellie and Frida, roommate Maggie, strange pig across the room Aggie, those giant furry things Angel and Helen, and of course her humans. All of whom miss her greatly. 

Rest in peace Mama Pig, mommy loves you so much and I'll never forget you <3

Crippie's Tippie - Have a supply of metacam in your house at all times. If your pig is beyond help at least they won't suffer.


  1. mario's mom here - we are so very sorry MamaPig crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes too because I know how much her humans loved her. You and your family gave her so much love and took such good care of her as you do with all of your piggies. Now she can rest in peace,won't ever get sick again, and you can rest in peace knowing she was probably the most loved, well cared for little piggy ever! Hugs

  2. Love the pictures of Mamala, a very special piggy. xxooxx

  3. So sorry to hear about Miss Piggy. The love you gave her was beautiful.

    Veteran MHE'er


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