Friday, March 29, 2013

A Time to Laugh, A Time to Weep


Thank you all so much for your warm regards, they've meant a lot to me and to my family.

It's been a rough couple of days for me. It's funny, the weather was starting to improve and my pain levels were starting to decrease, I was on the up and up and then BAM... death. It doesn't hurt quite as much as it did when Emma died, purely because Emma's death was completely out of left field. She was practically healed when she went on a rapid decline and was dead within 12 hours. Not to mention she was only 3... she had so much time left. At least with Mama Pig I had those few days to brace myself for what was coming. She didn't respond to the medicine, she didn't eat, she didn't move. I'm convinced that she didn't die of the URI, but of old age. She just went on a rapid decline and she couldn't bounce back from it, regardless of how early we caught her URI (we caught it pretty early). 5 to 6 is the average lifespan for a piggie, so I don't feel completely robbed of time with her.

Regardless of how much I rationalize the situation, it still freaking sucks. Pulling out 5 treats and realizing you only need 4. Seeing 2 massive crosses in our yard (she's buried next to Emma). All that crap that reminds me that she's not here. I've been coping to the best of my abilities, watching funny youtube videos, eating lots of chocolate, fun stuff like that. It helps, I know that even though this royally sucks now, this too shall pass.

The piggies seem to be adjusting. We put new toys in now trio's cage, so that keeps them occupied. Nellie doesn't particularly seem to notice that anything is different. Maggie is to enthralled with her new hay-based to toys to notice anything. Frida on the other hand... she knows. As I said in my last post they were very close. I've been taking Frida out for lots of one on one snuggles, just put her in a bed and let her listen to her favorite musician Lady Gaga and her new other favorite Skrillex (I don't know why she likes that crap, but she does).
I was blasting Skrillex for her... she promptly fell asleep
She is showing some signs piggie depression. Mainly behavioral changes. She's turning into the asshole she once was, standing on Nellie's head, nipping Nellie's butt. Stuff like that. We'll just have to give her special attention until she adjusts. Just a friendly reminder, piggie depression is a very serious issue. Pigs can become so consumed with grief that they stop eating, become sick, and ya know... die. So be sure to take extra good care of your surviving furbabies. Supply them with goodies and treats. Their feelings are pretty easily influenced. 

I just realized that I had 2 posts about death this month... what the hell man? 

And if anyone is wondering, while yes my family normally does kinda celebrate Passover, we didn't this year. Granted, we had Matzoh Ball Soup and I've been listening to the "The Prince of Egypt" soundtrack several times a day. But no one in the house is exactly in the mood to do much for the holiday. 

So yeah... happy Passover to all my Jewish readers, and I hope all my goy readers had a lovely Good Friday

Crippie's Tippie - Seriously watch your surviving pigs like a hawk. Make sure they are entertained and well fed. 

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