Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crippie's Back... Again... AND ANSWERING QUESTIONS!

I'M BACK!!!!! Please don't kill me!

I wish I could explain why I didn't write anything for almost two months... I dunno, I had a wicked case of writers block. Felt like I had nothing new to say. No real update, all was status quo with the animals. Bleh... oh well... I'm swear I'm gonna try to get back into the swing of things here.

Tonight I'm gonna answer some questions from a survey by the freakin' awesome Rachel at "Fluted Cups & Ampersands". If you don't read her blog and or watch her vlogs you should... cause she's full of win.

Alright... let's answer these questions!

1. What's a song that has a lot of meaning for you and why? (You could even post a YouTube video of the song if you want us to jam along with you.)
--- For me it's a tie between Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Red Rubber Ball" (Yes I know that The Cyrkle recorded it first, but I don't care for their version.) Both give me a feeling of optimism and they reassure me that everything will be ok.

2. The name of my blog, Fluted Cups & Ampersands, contains my favorite words to say. Do you have any favorite words?

--- Weaseal, Strudle, Schadenfreude

3. Make up an acronym for anything in your world. (Example: FAQ)
--- PPOM: Pig Peed on Me

4. If your life had a theme song, what would it be? 
--- Up On Cripple Creek probably

5. What are THREE of the most awesome things about ME? (See, NOW I'm fishing for compliments. And if you only know me from my blog, then just go by what you know about me from the blog. Easy like Sunday morning.)
--- 1) You're freaking funny 2) You're honest and blunt when you need to be honest and blunt 3) We share the hatred of birds while liking the general idea of them (seriously, they freak me out. Heaven help me if I come across a dead one)

6. On crowd funding websites like IndieGoGo where people raise money, there are often incentives that the creator gives for the amount you invest. Most are light hearted and personal, like a personal thank you card. Other examples: If you invest $10, you'll get an advanced copy of this film or cd or book chapter. If you donate $50, you get a personal phone call and my first born child. So here's my question - in all seriousness, what would be some incentives that you would go for? Your cup of tea, incentive style. (Even if you don't answer the rest of the questions, you'd be doing me a HUGE favor just by answering this one...in a comment, email, Facebook, whatever. ANYONE can answer. Please? Huge favor to me. I'm winking and smiling at all you internet people...you just can't see it. But I'm being very sly.)
--- I'd probably go for something like a t-shirt, I lurv me some t-shirts. Fun fact: I once gave blood just to get a free t-shirt... and to help people... kinda

7. What are FOUR of the most awesome things about YOU?

--- I'm getting pretty awesome at nail art, I'm a guinea pig whisperer, I'm so sarcastic that people call me Daria, I'm really awesome at Simpsons trivia and Disney movie trivia.

8. Write a short lil poem. As short as you'd like.
--- There once was a girl named Crippie, who while walking took a slippie. She fell on her ass, while others did pass, yet on her face there was a grinnie (yes that rhyme sucks, but I'm taking creative liberties here)

9.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
--- Hopefully have a job as an awesome graphic designer, living in a fabulous little apartment or condo somewhere, and hopefully I'll have some company there, whether it be human or animal ;)

10. Write a joke or a pun about anything. But YOU (or the people around you, if you're near people) have to come up with it. No Google-ing.
--- My dog Helen is blind, yet she barks at minorities. Weird right, I guess she's a not-see. 

11. We're halfway through the year. Make at least one half-year resolution.

YAY! I did it. Okay, now it's MY turn to come up with 11 questions. If anyone wants to answer 'em go for it! 


1 - Would you rather fight 1 duck sized horse or 100 duck sized horses?

2 - How'd you come up with the name of your blog?

3 - Are there any quotes or phrases that inspire you?

4 - Are there any YouTube videos that are so funny that they'll cheer you up regardless of what mood you're in?

5 - Guinea Pigs: Do you like them or do you love them?

6 - Would you rather travel back in time or forward in time?

7 - What is the weirdest talent you possess? 

8 - What song is stuck in your head right now? MAHNA MAHNA!!! 

9 - How do you decide what parts of your life to share on your blog?

10 - What is the air-speed velocity of an of unladen swallow?

11 - In the world of blogging what would you like to see more of? Less of?


If anybody answers these questions, comment with a link to your blog and I'll totally check it out! 

I really am gonna try to get back to blogging regularly. I missed it. I missed y'all the most <3

Crippie's Tippie - Seriously, check out Rachel's blog... I mean it


  1. I missed you too girl. I was looking you up a couple of weeks ago think I had missed your posts because I haven't checked every day. Made me wonder if you were okay when in fact you were being lazy! he he - you are entitled.

  2. I love reading fellow cripples blogs. So you should def post more.


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