Saturday, May 12, 2012

And Let The MRI Drama Begin!


Mama Pig Update - Mama Pig has gotten to the point where the untrained eye would not be able to tell she was sick. She is acting like her old self, very good. She is stilllllll having problems pooping though. We tried massaging her tonight to stimulate her but it wasn't enough to make her go. This issue was solved by giving her a few CC's of water. That definitely helped clean out her tummy a little. Mama Pig also managed to get revenge by shooting urine at me while I was massaging her. A word of advice readers, it doesn't matter if your pig is a boy or a girl... they can and will shoot pee at you, and they have deadly aim. Alas, being peed on comes with the territory, and it means that she doesn't have any problems urinating, so that's good :)

Moving on to cripple business, my insurance company called today to let me know if my MRI was approved. My doctor ordered 2 MRIs, one for my hip and lower spine region and one for my pelvic region. The insurance company approved my hip and lower spine MRI but the declined my pelvic MRI. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! Crippie's doctor is gonna have to call them and say "Hey assholes, the two MRIs are for two different problems" If that doesn't work Crippie is gonna start complaining. How? Social Media baby! Insurance companies don't enjoy seeing their names tarnished on twitter. Seriously y'all... twitter's search filter makes it very easy for companies to see what's being written about them. Crippie thinks a catchy chant is in order. So far I've got "WHAT DO WE WANT... AN MRI... WHEN DO WE WANT IT... WITHEN THE MONTH". I think we can do better... any suggestions readers?

Apart from the frustration with the MRI Crippie actually had a pleasant day. I was supposed to be in work for most of today but the computers were malfunctioning so everyone left. Technology, can't live with it, can't live without it. Crippie was freed from work around 2:30, since I was already out of the house I should do something productive. *MOM STOP READING HERE* I needed to get my mom a mother's day pressie *MOM SERIOUSLY STOP READING THIS* So I drove into town where a new bookstore had just opened. Crippie's mom enjoys reading, and Crippie enjoys looking at book covers (seriously, I'd love to design book covers for a living) so it's pretty safe to say I was morally obliged to visit this new shop. Much to Crippie's delight she found some beautiful vintage books, current art & design books, and "The Walking Dead" graphic novels, and maybe some books that might have been on my mom's wish list ;) In other words, Crippie had a super fun time browsing the bookstore. Here's some pics of the nifty vintage books they had!
Aren't they fantastic! Crippie especially loved the first one *mmmmm art deco". Anywhoo after that lovely venture I went to the drug store to get some general odds and ends, including hair color. Crippie is now a GINGER!!! I'll take some pictures of the color tomorrow in the daylight. But yeah, Crippie really enjoys running errands on her own, I guess it makes me feel independent.

Tomorrow (or today rather... the joys of posting early in the morning) is gonna be a very long day, mainly because I'll have to make up all the work I wasn't able to complete today. Oh well, at least I got to see some really pretty books today.

Crippie's Tippie - Mad at a company? Complain on Twitter or Facebook. If you have photographic proofs that they are being hilariously terrible post it to reddit, who knows, maybe it will go viral! 


  1. #1 I am SO GLAD Momma is doing better!
    #2 Cannot wait to see the new hair color! (Us unnaturally reds and gingers rock!)
    #3 Way to stand up for yourself! I'd never thought about using Twitter before. I'll keep that in mind!

  2. Mario's M here: I'm so happy to hear Momma Pig is doing better - but Mario said he's still going to purr for her because things still apparently aren't purrfect for her if she has trouble peeing. Now the MRI bit - it seems now days the doctors don't dictate our health care - the insurance companies do. Unreal! I'd be fighting mad too girl. I'm also on Twitter (well Mario is on Twitter) and he can always RT you to help out.

  3. I'll help any way I can. Don't piss off a grandma, insurance company!


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