Sunday, May 20, 2012



The Mama Pig Update - Mama Pig seems to be stabilizing. She hasn't had any issues for the past two days, which is good. If problems arise again, Crippie read somewhere that certain probiotics and motility aids for babies might help her tummy get back to normal. Crippie will continue monitoring her for a few days to see if that will be necessary.

Crippie hopes all her readers had a fabulous Saturday. Crippie's day was rather lovely. I had a pleasant day a work and I got to go into town to obtain some nummy burritos for dinner. While in town Crippie, her mom, and sister dropped by the new super awesome book store again. The book store is really awesome because they sell books by local authors... including Crippie's Grandma! Yup, Crippie's grandma is a published author! She's written two books recently and Crippie designed each of them :D
The first book is a memoir dealing with the first 56 years of her marriage and then the last few months while my grandpa was dying of cancer.
The second book is about all her quirky new friends that she met because of a random coincidence. It's a real life Ya-Ya sisterhood!
You should totally stop by the "Ye Olde Warwick Book Shoppe" and pick up a copy. If you live no where near me you can buy a copy on

Boy howdy I do love seeing my work on the shelves :D This happiness totally trumped the sciatica flare up I was having today. My hip was really bothering me today. It seemed like the only thing I could do to make it "better" was to sleep it off. Which I guess is good because at least I was unconscious, but in hindsight taking a nap at 8pm and waking up at midnight was probably not the brightest idea. On the bright side, I was browsing Tumblr in an effort to get tired again, when I found this gem of a video. I know "S--- People Say to People With ________" videos ran their course a while ago... but I'd never seen this video before and it's full of truth. So... enjoy!
Crippie's Tippie - Normals, if you say stuff like that to a cripple, we will post a video on YouTube about it and humiliate you. 

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  1. Hmmmm, Yes, unfortunately it's true. Maybe a little over magnified, but true. I think I heard myself in one of those comments. Thank you for posting this very "real" video. It makes us all stop and think before we say something.


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