Monday, May 21, 2012

Normals Say The Darndest Things!

Sup Y'all?

The Mama Pig Update - Mama Pig was stable today to I opted to just let her rest for the night.

Crippie's been sharing that video I posted yesterday to several of my crippled buddies... we are all in agreement that it is 110% true and equally hilarious. We've also been telling one another "OMG YOU'RE SO BRAVE" or "YOU'RE SUCH AN INSPIRATION"... it's now an inside joke. 

Ah Normals, can't live with 'em... can't live without 'em ;) Seriously y'all there were a few normals that were really pissing Crippie off today. They didn't do or say anything to me personally thankfully... but here's what happened... Crippie was browsing facebook when all of the sudden she sees a status along the lines of "having foot surgery tomorrow... I can't wait to do all those fun summer things like running and hiking... oh wait". That status kinda ticked Crippie off. I wanted to write "WELCOME TO MY WORLD BITCHEZZZ" but alas... I don't think it would have been appropriate. Well, now Crippie is kinda peeved and looking at facebook, I then see a link to an acquaintance's blog. Said normal has recently injured her ankle and will be needing surgery to fix it. I figured I'd read the blog to check up on how the normal is doing... I really regret doing that. The normal was blogging about how hard her life is with her broken ankle and how she can't do anything, how she wanted to die because a boy decided to flirt with an "able bodied" person over her", just an over all pity party. You would think that Crippie would be all like "OMG I'm so glad you've seen the error of your normal ways, you know what it's like to lose something!" but no... this whole thing got me really, really, really angry... ready for a Crippie Rant people... Crippie's doing a stream of conscious rant... brace yourselves

Alright normals, you want a pity party? Do you really expect me to feel bad for you? Guess what... I don't. I don't care about your trivial TEMPORARY problems. You broke your ankle? That sucks but guess what, you'll recover. How dare you have the audacity to complain about how hard your life is because you broke a god damned bone! You are not disabled, you have no idea how it really effects our lives. Don't you dare compare having a minor, temporary problem to being disabled. Crippie isn't being a complete asshole here... I know what the person will have to go through, she'll need surgery to fix the bones and she'll probs need some pins put in to set the bones... BIG FRIGGIN DEAL. Crippie has hardware in her ankle... IT'S NOT THAT BAD. My recovery from ankle surgery was relatively doable. Not to mention I was a whole freakin' decade younger than this normal when I had my ankle surgery. This is gonna sound horrible but when Crippie hears a normal complaining about something stupid I feel happy that they are suffering. If something so trivial makes you that upset you deserve to suffer. If these normals were in my shoes they'd be beyond miserable. I honestly think that some of these people would kill themselves if they were placed in my shoes. 
I think it's safe to say that hearing normals complain about something that I regularly go through like it's the end of their God damned world makes me really upset. It sucks that they are going through a temporary rough patch, but it's not the end of the world, and they will recover STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT. This whole thing really makes me livid... I dunno maybe it's because I am jealous of their ability to recover and go back to being a normal. I can recover from a surgery but at the end of the day I'm still crippled. I don't complain because I know there are people far less fortunate than I am, and I know that I am lucky for the things I do have. I could do entire posts about how my life is so hard and how much pain I'm in but I don't. I'll mention that I'm in pain but I don't whine about it. There is a difference between stating the facts and trying to evoke pity. Crippie doesn't want a pity party. Hearing people say "OMG I'm so sorry for you" makes me feel worse! 
I don't believe in pity partying unless it's something realllllllyyyyyyyyyy bad. Your kid has cancer? Okay, that is absolutely horrible so I'll join that party. Someone died? I'll join your pity party. If it's something serious, by all means... let it out. If it's not really bad, shut up.
It might seem like Crippie is really bitter about this, and that's because I am. These normals are so terribly lucky to be normals, seeing them squander things that I never got the chance to have hurts. It hurts a lot. So please normals, step outside of your boxes for a second and realize how much you have, sure those little glitches in life are rather inconvenient, but guess what... THAT'S LIFE. Life is full of ups and downs, you just have to recognize that those glitches are part of life. Deal with them and move on.

*Sigh* Sorry if that made no damn sense or offended anyone. Believe it or not Crippie actually calmed herself down before writing this. Crippie was absolutely livid, and it takes a LOT to get Crippie really angry. Normally I can rationalize situations and my general delays usually help me stay calm... but not this time. Crippie is well aware that these were not personal attacks, but I take them personally nonetheless. And yes, Crippie also sees the irony of complaining about other people complaining and I might feel weird about this post later... but for now I'm still angry and I don't care.

Crippie's Tippie - Follow the 10-80-10 rule... 10% of your life is completely awesome moments (getting married, etc), 10% of your life will suck beyond all reason (something dies), the rest is in the middle... it's up to you whether or not you want your life awesome or not. I choose to let my life be awesome... I save my sadness for when I need it.


  1. Crippie, I don't consider your rant as being bitter, but being human!
    I am not crippled. I was born normal and healthy...I became sick. My right leg has it's days when it refuses to play nice, but I am not crippled, therefor I can never understand what it's like to walk in your shoes. (No pun intended!) I can understand how you feel when it comes to normal, healthy people pissing away what I no longer have!
    I also understand your choice to live your life as positive and awesome as you can. (It's one of the things I ADORE about your blog!) And ya know what? It REALLY pisses me off when a healthy, normal person takes their gift and squanders it on bitterness and apathy!
    So...tomorrow when you wake up and have that, "Damn! Manybe I shouldn't have written that" moment...DON'T! You always write from the heart...and everyone has those moments of anger, so don't sweat it!
    Instead, know that you're not alone in those moments and accept my thanks for being woman enough to share it!

  2. Crippie, I think Chris before me said it all very well. I love your blog because it is written with honesty and exactly how you feel. No one else can walk in your shoes because we are not you. I don't know what it's like to be cripple. I do know what it's like to give up being as active as I once was, but I can still walk and get about. I have chronic pain, but it's probably not exactly like your pain and probably in a different place. You are you, and you are unique, and that's what I love about you. I have been guilty of saying " You are an inspiration to me", because you truly are. (There I said it again, because it is meant, but I won't say it ever again because I know it makes you feel bad.) You just present the facts, with honesty, and have never once attempted to get anyone to feel sorry for you.

  3. That comment should be published for all the negative
    normals to read. No Kvetchers Allowed!

  4. Really? As an occasional reader I'm kind of disappointed you would post something like this. I can certainly empathize with your anger, but what good does ranting serve if not to say that you also feel sorry for yourself? We might not say it out loud or throw big pity parties all the time, but that's exactly what this is, we want sympathy. When people make insensitive remarks in front of me I try to just let it go because hey, we're all human. It bothers me sometimes, but usually it only bothers me when I'm feeling sorry for myself. Laughing at the pain of someone else and calling other non-disabled people "normals" only brings you down to their level. In fact, it sets us all back. How do we expect to make any progress if we get hung up on resentment and labeling? It's petty.
    I'm sure this person has never had to go through any major disability, but everyone's entitled to complain a little once in a while aren't they? You never know what a person's life is like. They might look "normal" on the outside to you and me but everyone struggles with their own lot. If we waste all our time having a "my wound is bigger than your wound" competition, we'll do absolutely no good. My advice: just let it go. You seem like an incredible person from what I've read in your other posts, so don't let the little things drag you down.

  5. Hello, I would like to first point out that I have read many of your posts going back to the beginning of the blog, but I must point out my disdain with your view of disability. Having a disability is not an "US" against "YOU" scenario. Calling people "Normals" is revolting! I am willing to bet that if you were a "normal" you would take the same things for granted that you despise hearing other people talk about. Frankly it is all about relativity. If someone has never experienced pain or loss in life then yes breaking a bone is traumatic but to chastise or belittle their pain because yours is so much more severe is cruel and shows that you have a long way to go before you are truly happy with yourself. As a special education teacher and someone with their own disability you are not doing ANYONE a favor by your use of the word normal and I urge you to think about the impact it has on others as well as the stereotype you and alienation you project by using it.

  6. Aww...poor you, your life is so much worse than mine...wah, wah, wah, I'll throw a little pity party for you.


    I have some of the same conditions as you, but I'm a "Normal." Why? Because I CHOOSE TO BE NORMAL! I go about my life and have a great time, I empathize with others who are going through things because I honestly have no idea what they are going through. You are a stuck up jerk. Get off your lazy ass, do some CBT, get your brain in a positive mindset and go have FUN with life!


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