Thursday, June 28, 2012

Do Mosquitos Love Cripples?


Crippie hopes all of her readers had a wonderful Wednesday. Crippie's day went rather well actually. I found out that one of my buddies is officially in remission from stage 4 cancer (Can I get a w000000t) and my sister might have found a job!!! I was also unusually achy today, probs because it's gonna rain on Friday. But the good news certainly trumped the pain today.

The great sleep saga continues tonight. I'm gonna attempt trying to write a coherent post late at night again. While it was certainly not successful last night, I realized that was due to my consumption of a caffeinated soda after 8pm. Oops... lesson learned.

Now... on to that title... summer has officially begun (YAY) and that means that bugs are in the air (boo). I don't know if it's just me... but mosquitos freakin' love me. Well... that's not entirely true. mosquitos love certain parts of me. When I was younger I would get eaten alive by those stupid bastards, I would be covered in bites from head to toe. Over the past couple of years (6 or 7 years maybe) bugs have been very selective when biting me. They like to bite me at my surgical sites. Only at my surgical sites. My wrists and my legs (which are always covered) get bitten while the rest of me is bite free. How weird is that? These aren't even new scars... some of 'em are 10 years old! Have any of my comrades had similar experiences? Is scar tissue tasty or something? I'm super curious if anyone else experiences this. If not, maybe it's proof that I am an animal whisperer! Maybe this is the mosquitos way of saying "You are the chosen one".

In guinea pig news, Maggie was hanging out with me tonight. She had a dandy time watching computer and listening to Lady Gaga. Seriously my pigs love her, they purr whenever Poker Face is played, it's probably something about the beat. Anyways, I took some insanely adorable pictures and Maggie wanted me to share them with you.

Is this my best side?

Or is THIS side better?

Ya know what, ALL of my sides are fantastic! I'M SO DAMN CUTE!
 I'm actually starting to get that "I'm about to pass out" feeling... sweeeeeeeeeeet. Perhaps this whole "trying to be coherent and write a blog at an ungodly hour of the night" thing helps. At least this gives me motivation to post daily again.

Crippie's Tippie - This summer's must have item is bug spray! 

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