Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wait For It..................


The Mama Pig Update - Mama appears to be stable. She's returned to her perky old self. She eats, drinks, roams about the cage as usual. Crippie will continue to monitor her on occasion. I'll also be keeping my eyes on the whole "losing her hair thing" if it was related to the whole tummy thing the hair will grow back in a week or so. If not, I'll have to look into ovarian cyst treatments. I hear there are hormone injections that treat the problem so I wouldn't have to worry about spaying her.

On to the MRI! Crippie sent her doctor the MRI images today. He should receive them by Monday. Hopefully I'll get some results by Wednesday. While the MRI images were in my possession I tried to look at them and see if I could spot the problem. Alas, I cannot read MRIs in the same way I read X-Rays. One thing I could tell from the images is that fanny is freakin' huge! From what I could see, I saw a normalish looking hip and then BAM.... MASSIVE TUMOR STICKING OUT OF IT!!! My guess is that the MRI will show that Fanny is freakishly large and is pressing against something. Crippie's gut reaction is that I will be needing surgery to remove Fanny. This doesn't worry me in the slightest. Crippie will just have to find a good time to take two weeks off of work, remove Fanny, and be done with it. Would any of my lovely readers have any tips on telling their boss that they need to have surgery?

One thing Crippie is slightly anxious about is the possibility that Fanny transformed into a cancerous tumor. Her rapid growth, super fun size, and the fact that she causes pain do point to that possibility. If *knock on wood* Fanny turns out to be a super fun cancer tumor Crippie will need to remove it as soon as humanly possible. While I could deal with that, I hope that's not the case. On the bright side I didn't get any calls from the radiologist saying "get your ass to an oncologist ASAP". If it was blatantly obvious that Fanny was a super fun cancer tumor, someone would have told me. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Fanny is nothing more than a special high risk tumor.

In random Guinea Pig news... yesterday Crippie went to the pet store to obtain dog food and I went to look at their piggies. Most of them were super happy energetic babies, but there was one who was looked really sad. The poor little guy has been there for months and is now "on sale" for 5 dollars. I went to take a closer look as to why he was so sad and I quickly realized why. Poor baby had some form of eye injury or infection. I couldn't tell if the eye in question had been removed all ready or not but I don't think he'll be able to see from it again... and if that eye hasn't been removed it probably needs to be. Crippie cannot afford the vet bills for this special guy, otherwise I would have scooped him right up. Seriously, you could be looking at over $1,000 for the vet bills. So if any of my local readers are looking for a male pig and can afford to take care of this one... please take him. He's a beautiful pig, he looks like Maggie with a white beard. I'm sure that with love and treats he'll be a sweet little boy. Crippie thinks that you can probably convince the store's owner to give him to you for free, since it's probably their fault that he lost his eye. Feel free to contact Crippie if you have any questions.

Crippie's Tippie - Learn to read MRI's... saves you soooooooooooooo much anxiety


  1. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for "good" news about cancer, no permanent damage, just a huge pain in the a#s!*grin*

  2. Let's hope Fanny is not cancerous. Don't you just hate having to wait for news! I would hope tho, that if really looked bad, someone would have called you and told you to get in right away. Awww that poor piggy in the store. That's so sad.


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