Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!


Crippie wants to wish all of the dads out there a very happy father's day. My dad spent his special day working on our lawn and seeing my sister's show... which, BTW you can still see next week people!

I would write a whole big speech about how awesome my dad is, but seeing as how he doesn't understand what a "blog" or for that matter "the internet" are... so he'd never see it. Crippie will say that my dad is really freaking awesome. He works insanely hard to support us and he will do anything and everything for us. My dad hates to see me in any form of discomfort and he does everything in his power to make my life as painless as possible. He's also a very good daddy to all the animals, supplying them with all the treats their little hearts could desire.

Crippie is truly blessed to have the wonderful family that she has. We're not perfect by any means... but we're pretty awesome as whole. I'm so incredible grateful for everything my parents have done for me. I know probably sound like a broken record sometimes with all this "be thankful for what you have" stuff, but it's true... especially when it comes to your family. There are people out there who do not appreciate their families, and that makes me kinda sad. Sure, some people have every right to hate their relatives... but a lot of people don't. Our families won't always be around, how's about we recognize how much we love our families while they are still here.

Sorry it's a such a short post tonight, Crippie is getting tired. To make up for it... here are some pictures of Angel passed out on my sofa.

Crippie's Tippie - Realize what you have WHILE you have it!

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