Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hi Everybody!

I hope all my readers are having a lovely week, and enjoying the awesome late summer/early fall weather. I haven't done anything special over the past two days but my recovery is progressing swimmingly. I am now able to practically walk unaided! Yup, you heard me right, I can walk a week and a day after hip surgery! I kinda need to hold on to wall or something sometimes, but still, I CAN WALK! The limp is hardly noticeable and it doesn't hurt at all. There is kinda a weird weak feeling in my hip, that's about it.

I cannot even begin to describe how blessed I am that my recovery is going the way it is. I've had my share of nightmarish recoveries. Up all night crying in pain, been there. Not being able to walk for year, done that. This recovery has been so freaking easy. My pain levels were a 3 AT THE WORST. I wasn't completely immobilized. I was able to sit down (I was slightly worried about that). It's been like a summer vacation with a little restricted mobility and staples in your butt!

I have to mention that this surgery has been completelyyyyyyyyy different than any other surgery I've had. Why? Because I've had so much support from my family and friends. I'm completely shocked at how many people wished me well on facebook, here, and in general. Friends told me to feel better (and sent sympathy cards). Some of my coworkers have even texted me get well wishes... how sweet is that! Even some of my relatives that had gotten "used to" my surgeries sent cards, many cards! I remember being 13 or 14, having a surgery and having so very people caring about me and how much that sucked. This is a complete 180 and it feels amazing!

Ain't it something how a little gesture like a card makes a difference? Now imagine what a slightly bigger gesture could do. Ya see the main reason I am hosting my Scentsy Fundraiser is to help kids who are about to walk in my shoes. The MHE Coalition does so many things for people with my disorder, one thing they do is send "Care Packages" to kids having surgery and their siblings. These packages are filled with toys, candy, all kinds of goodies. What a fantastic way to show a kid that's going through a hard time that there are people out there who do care for them, and that everything will get better.

Now, Scentsy makes a product called "Scentsy Buddies" which are stuffed animals filled with a selected scent. These guys are soft, cuddly, adorable, and soothing. They would make for a terrific addition to the care packages. I would absolutely love to buy a bunch of Scentsy Buddies and send them to kids all across the country who are recovering from surgeries. Do you want to help? You can donate a Scentsy Buddy too! How? Just contact me at or for information. You can even choose which animal and scent you want to send, or you can just leave it up to Crippie!

There's a super amazing special going on now that if you buy one Buddy YOU GET ONE FREE! We can double the amount of children we help for nothing! C'mon comrades WE CAN DO THIS!

Crippie's Tippie - If you know someone that's going through a tough time, let 'em know that you care. It means a helluva lot.

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