Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Ballad of Helen

Salutations Everybody!

I hope all of my lovely readers had a fabulous weekend, chances are though Helen probably had the best weekend out of all of us. Saturday was the anniversary of Helen joining our family, thus she got spoils.

Helen started her life as a normal lil' Shih Tzu. She adopted by a family with small children and a big dog. For reasons unknown to me, Helen lost her sight when she was young. Allegedly she either whacked a wall reaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyyyy hard or fell off a bed. I wouldn't be surprised if an "accident" with the small children or big dog occurred. Either way her retinas wound up becoming detached. Helen was no longer an independent little puppy. She was scared and needed a lot of help finding her way around. Special needs puppies and young families don't quite mix. Helen spent most of her days in a bedroom all by herself. Eventually her family realized that they couldn't take care of her and handed Helen over to a rescue.

Flash forward to us finding out about a blind dog who needs to be held near constantly. After talking it over with the woman who had rescued Helen we opted to take a chance on the crippled puppy. We had to meet her. Hurricane Irene had just passed through and left the area with a good amount of flooding, but that didn't stop us from driving through it! We were slightly hesitant about adopting a blind dog, mainly because people kept telling us that blind dogs are vicious. As soon as we met Helen we knew she wasn't vicious. She would let anybody pick her up. We did notice that she was rather underweight, we could see her spine and ribcage. We have an excellent track record of plumping up underweight animals so that didn't bother us a bit. We knew she was perfect for our family.

Flash forward again and it's been a year since we made that decision, and we never second-guessed it. Helen blends in with our family perfectly. She gets oodles of love and attention from all of her humans. Angel is a doting big sister, she makes sure Helen stays the hell away from stairs. Helen makes for an excellent security system, she thinks that everyone who enters the house will kill her humans. She also barks at certain people on the TV, mainly anyone from The Jersey Shore.

We celebrated her anniversary by giving her ALL TIME favorite food... macaroni and cheese (small amount). She got to sit and the table with us and chow down while we sang happy birthday. Her big sister got some pieces of turkey so she was also insanely happy.

So heres to our little Helen Keller, may we have many more anniversaries!

Crippie's Tippie - If you want a pet... ADOPT

Helen's Tippie - Cheese is the bestest food EVER

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  1. And we all sang "Happy Adoption Day to You" :-)


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