Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm Scentsy and Know It!

Happy September Everybody!

September is certainly going to be an exciting month for Crippie. I will be having my 11th surgery in 2 weeks and more importantly I'll be starting a (hopefully) huge Scentsy fundraiser for the MHE Coalition!

For those of you just joining us I was diagnosed with Multiple Hereditary Exostoses when I was one. It causes benign tumors to grow on your bones. MHE causes pain, restricted mobility, and limb deformities. I have well over 100 tumors throughout my body and I live in constant pain.

The MHE Coalition is one of my favorite charities. It's a 501(c)3 organization that is committed to improving the quality of life for people living with MHE through support, information, and research. They even create "We Care Packages" which are packages filled with toys and other goodies for children who are having surgery and their siblings!

So what is this super awesome fundraiser for this super awesome charity? Crippie is having a Scentsy party! Yup, I'm teaming up with my BFF/Scentsy Rep to host the Scentsy party to end all scentsy parties. What is Scentsy? Scentsy is a basically a wickless, flameless candle... ONLY MORE AWESOME. For those of you who like to burn candles, these puppies are safe, ultimately cheaper than buying candles, AND they smell fantastic. For those of your who don't like to burn candles (like myself) they have oodles of other products like lotions, soaps, room sprays, etc.

Why Scentsy? Scentsy candles and products are awesome and very practical, especially for people with disabilities. Believe it or not I actually use Scentsy products to help ease my pain. Certain smells make me happy (like fabric softener... mmmm). Scentsy makes a product called "Travel Tins" which a scent in a portable little tin. You can get a little whiff of your scent whenever you need it. I have a travel tin that smells like fabric softener, whenever I'm in pain or just generally unhappy I open my tin and the smell helps relax and distract me. I actually plan on bringing my fabric softener tin to the hospital when I have my surgery. The smells of the hospital bother me greatly and make me very rather gloomy, so this will help lift my spirits... at least a little. If a little tin with fabric softener scent can do so much for me... I can only imagine what it can do for some of you!

So here's how this is gonna work. If any of y'all are interested in obtaining some kick-ass scentsy products just check out the badge for the fundraiser in the top right corner and shop away. 25% of the proceeds are donated to the MHE Coalition. If anyone has any questions about the products just hit me up at or email my awesome Rep Friend at I will also be hosting an actual party at my residence for my local readers, but I'll be posting details about that on a later day. This is a really great charity y'all, so let's make this happen! And can I get a HUUUUUUGGGEEEEEE shout out for my BFF/Scentsy Rep who will be donating the commissions she makes of these orders! THANKS KELSEY!!! YOU'RE FREAKING AWESOME!!!Crippie's Tippie - Spread the word about our awesome Scentsy Party!!!

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