Friday, August 31, 2012

Crippie Takes Woodstock!

Hello Dearies!

To those of you who guessed that the special groovy place was Bethel Woods, the site of Woodstock, you guessed correctly... MAZEL TOV. I virtually give y'all a special brownie ;)

I went to the legendary site for the final performance of "Letters To Daddy", an anti-bullying musical my family has been involved with for about 18 months. I've seen the show mmmmaaaannnnnnyyyy times but I have to say that this performance was AMAZING. I'm so proud of everyone who worked their butts off to make it to Bethel Woods, y'all were incredible.
Letters To Daddy Banner Out Front
While I was there I also had the opportunity to check out the museum. I'm a bit of a history buff, and a lot of a folk music buff... so this was right up my alley!

Inside the museum

Hippie Bus that doubles as a projection screen, groovy

It was pretty damn awe inspiring to be at such a monumental location. There was only one Woodstock, there will never be another concert like it. I could still totally feel the good vibes from that place! Kinda hard to believe I've never been to Bethel Woods before, especially since it's a relatively short-ish distance away from me. Now I want to see each and every concert they have there... but I'd be perfectly content with solely seeing an Arlo Guthrie concert (it's on my bucket list)! Fun Fact: my dad had the opportunity to go to Woodstock in 69, but he opted to work instead. It says he made a lot of money :D
Woodstock! Yasgur's farm is past the white tents.
Me thinking about the hippies that were probably tripping in that very spot over 40 years ago

All and all I'll say Thursday was pretty damn awesome. Tired as all hell when I got home, but it was 110% worth it. How often do you get to visit one of the most important sites of the 60's? Hippies will always trump hip pain ;)

Speaking of hippies, my grandma celebrated her 80th birthday on August 29th and my grandpa's birthday was today. He would have been 82 today. Love you Grammy, miss you Grumpy <3

Crippie's Tippie - Study your history, for those who do not learn from it are doomed to repeat it. Peace.

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