Sunday, August 12, 2012

We Can Work It Out


I hope my crippled comrades had a fabulous weekend. After a craptacular Friday my weekend went really well. It didn't rain so I was in a much happier place pain wise. The biggest reason my weekend was awesome is that *drumroll* MAGGIE IS LIVING WITH THE TRIO!

YUP! You heard me right, Maggie is now living with Mama, Frida, and Nellie. Here's how I worked miracles and got this to happen.

1) Maggie had mini "play dates" with each of the other pigs on their own, to gauge their reactions. No one tried flat out attack the other pig. No one was thrilled to see her, but at the same time no one wanted to kill her. 

2) Wide Open Spaces - This intro had the potential to go VERY poorly. They needed a very large open space so they could run the hell away from each other. I opted for outside on my lawn because they could have ample space plus unlimited noms so they could eat their feelings. Also this is neutral territory for all involved. 

3) I stood guard with a towel, prepared to break up any fights. Again, NEVER BREAK UP A PIG FIGHT WITH YOUR HANDS, YOU WILL GET BIT! I did have to break up one fight during their introduction, but after that squabble Maggie learned her place and they all more or less stopped fighting. 

4) While I was introducing the pigs, my mom was cleaning the trio's cage out. She used a different smelling cleaner than what she normally uses and she rearranged the cage a little. That way when the pigs went back in the cage, they'd all think it was a new cage. 

We've gotten through the first phase of the introduction, they're all in the same cage. But the new quarter is still not on good terms yet. That'll take a few days. Maggie is probably gonna have a rough couple of days, she spent most of tonight crying in her house. We're making sure she has plenty of secure hiding places, I will also be monitoring her weight carefully over the next few days, to make sure she's eating and drinking. The next few days might be challenging, but as long as Maggie has friends in the end, it'll be worth it. And now... PICTURES!!!

Do you have friends for me?!?!?!


My name is Maggie and you are my white glowy buddies!


The Quartet (Frida, Maggie, Nellie, Mama's Butt)

Crippie's Tippie - During introductions, a little fighting is to be expecting, but stop the intro if you see  blood. 


  1. You clearly know what you are doing girl!! Congratulations on successful re-homing. Sorry I've been missing so long. Mario has kept me busy with his involvement on Twitter. I'm back to normal now, I think.

  2. You truly are the guinea pig whisperer. The quartet looks so adorable!


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