Friday, August 17, 2012

Surgery Pre-Gaming


I hope all my readers had a fabulous Friday. Mine went pretty well, I went to work and I managed to get home before another massive rainstorm. Luckily I was able to just lie down with my heat pack before and during the storm so the pain was rather manageable.

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but in one month and one day I'll be having Fanny removed. While I am beyond happy about this event, I have to remember that I am having hip surgery, and I need to prepare for that. What do I have to do? The first thing I have to do is practice walking with two crutches. Me thinks I won't be able to put weight down on my leg for two weeks or so, so I need to make sure that my arms are prepared for the task at hand. I usually use a forearm crutch on my right arm, so that arm is pretty strong, now I just have to make sure my other arm is ready for task. If you're gonna be having a surgery that involves using a new mobility aid afterwords I totally recommend practicing walking with those aids BEFORE your surgery. It's not a great idea to try out those new crutches when you are in pain and higher than a kite. Also, walk around your house to make sure that you can. I hate using my walker in the house because my house is just not built for walkers, lots of tighter corners. I have to walk sideways when going into my bathroom, not fun.

We're also making sure that we have all the other little things that I will probably need while recovering, at least for a few days. These things include a toilet seat lift, one of those nifty breakfast trays so you can eat in bed, etc. We figured out where I'll be situated in my house for those first three days of hell after surgery. I'll be living in my room because of it's location to the bathroom, height of the bed, proximity to others, and comfort. I try to see that there are several trash cans in the rooms for those first few days of recovery... cause that's when I tend to get sick.

Since Fanny is located right around where a waistband would be, I had to take into consideration that I will probably be wearing a crap ton of dresses and high waisted skirts during the first few weeks of recovery. As far as undergarments go... well... I found some high waisted things that will suffice.

Yeah, I know I might seem very giddy about this whole thing, but I'm realistic about the whole surgery process. I know how much the first few days are gonna suck and I'm ready for it. I've got 10 prior surgeries worth of experience and know-how to help me get through this one.

Crippie's Tippie - I cannot stress the trashcan tip enough, have one trash can for trash, but have another for... ya know... not trash. 

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  1. Oh Crippie - you are wise beyond your years. Very good thinking on your part - exercise now so your muscles are ready to do double duty or pitch in where another muscle should be used. I know your surgery will be slightly different than a hip replacement surgery, but I hope the recuperation time goes as well and as fast a hip replacement surgery goes.


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