Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You Have Until Midnight

Ohai Everybody!

I hope all my crippled comrades had a marvelous Monday and are having a terrific Tuesday. Today is gonna be a slightly busy day at my house because both Angel and Helen are getting their teeth cleaned, and they need to be sedated.

While this doesn't sound pleasant, they get a ride in the car and some pretty sweet drugs, so on their end it could end up being a very good day ;). The funny thing (to me anyway) is that the vet called to remind us that they cannot eat or drink anything after midnight. I dunno... I think it's cute that they get the same treatment as humans.

That being said, I HATE thinking about the no food/drink after midnight rule, especially when we are closing in on Fanny's removal. Why? Because whenever midnight rolls around on that night before surgery, it doesn't matter how much I've had to eat prior... I feel hungry, my mouth gets dry, AND there are always a bunch of commercials on TV for food and restaurants. After a few hours, the nerves plus the lack of food/water make me sick. Its a rather unpleasant feeling to say the least. Do y'all feel the same way the night before a surgery? Am I the only one who dreads midnight?

I do have a few coping mechanisms to help me deal with this rather craptacular feeling. First, I either brush my teeth or gargle something. It definitely helps with the dry mouth. Second, while I can eat I drink a crap ton of water, and I don't eat anything overly salty. Third, sometimes I take a tranquilizer before midnight so I don't have to worry about these feelings in the first place.

Oh well, in the meantime I'm gonna try and forget about that feeling and just focus on the puppies for now. They're probably gonna kill us when we don't provide them with noms tomorrow morning ;)

Crippie's Tippie - Regardless of how much you hate the no food/drink after midnight rule, DO NOT BREAK IT!!! 

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