Monday, August 13, 2012

Four's Company


The Quartet wants to thank everyone who called them adorable. Phase Two of the introduction phase is going quite swimmingly. Maggie had a rough day yesterday with lots of tears, but today she made a complete 180. She was wandering around the cage, eating, drinking, hanging out with her new buddies, etc. She seems very excited about the new living arrangement. Nellie, Mama, and Frida aren't exactly as enthralled as she is, but they tolerate her. One thing I've noticed with the piggies in general is that they are happier when in larger groups versa just pairs. When Mama and Frida were in a cage by themselves they would constantly bicker, Frida would stand on Mama's face to get attention and just be an all around asshole. Once Nellie joined the mix they were all visibly happier. Just goes to show ya folks, unless your pig is a freak of nature like Aggie, the more the merrier.

To those of y'all wondering how the lone wolf is doing, she's very content. Aggie's always been a bit of loner, she seems much more relaxed now that Maggie is no longer stealing her hay.

In cripple related business, I was rather achy today. I think I might've pulled a muscle in my bum during yesterday's introduction (I had to bend down to move piggies). Nothing a little heat won't cure but still, weird. I'm also contemplating obtaining one of those heated chair massager things for work. Me thinks it could help my back and bum. Can any of my lovely readers recommend any good ones?

Fanny probably had a role to play in today's pulled muscle (she rubs against that one). This might be my first surgery where I am really, really, really excited about having it. Also, I found out that I can't keep Fanny in a jar once she's removed. Alas, I guess I'll just have to stick to pictures ;)

Sorry for the short-ish post, I'm super tired and I've got a long day ahead of my tomorrow. Night y'all!

Crippie's Tippie - Pigs are very social creatures, they like having oodles of friends

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  1. So happy piggies are now happy. They are such cuties. I've done a complete "about face" in my opinions of rodents as pets. They are awesome. Between my daughter's gerbils (who are very entertaining and very picky - like your piggies) nd your adorable piggies. I wish i would have let me daughter have them when young.


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